Author:  Knorr [ October 31st, 2017, 1:04 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Prologue Pt 3


The storm had hit; Knorr had yanked a frightened Lyra into his cabin and slammed the door. Huge waves were splashing over the deck as the crew of the Tsana battled to carry out their duties during the massive howling gale. The sailors seemed experienced and most seemed to have some idea of how to survive the storm.

Knorr saw a wild-eyed cabin boy stagger up the ladder coils of rope in his hand, he ran towards a sailor standing at the mask. He suddenly he looked to the port side of the boat, he stood paralyzed in fear at something Knorr couldn’t see out of his tiny window. The poor lad just screamed, a sound Knorr was unfamiliar with and chilled him to the bone. The wave crashed over the deck and all that was left of the cabin boy was the ropes he was carrying.

Knorr’s door burst open and a haggard looking Withers barked, “Stay put! You two are no sailors”. Knorr was more than happy to follow the captain’s orders. Half an hour passed and Knorr and Lyra had become slightly more adjusted to the massive rocking on the ship. Knorr stood up from where he had been sitting on the floor and looked through the porthole and a sense of dread welled up in him. The biggest wave he had ever seen moving towards the boat.
The world felt like it was moving in slow motion, Knorr grabbed his book bag and slug the strap over his shoulder. Then, in one massive step, he rushed and yanked Lyra out of her bed and shielded her from the wave with his massive body.
Then the wave hit. The wall of the cabin exploded, the water dragged Knorr and Lyra down into the murky depths of the Suavan Sea.

It had taken them almost eight hours however Knorr had finally managed to claw his way to shore. Lyra had clung to Knorr’s back throughout their shared ordeal. Luckily the two castaways had drifted up the coast, Knorr figured that the storm must have been blowing the Tsana had come from behind them because he could see the spires of Syliras in the gloom.

Knorr untangled Lyra’s arms started a campfire to help keep them warm and dry out his thick coat of hair. Then they slept. Although he had only fallen asleep at about four Knorr woke up at sunrise, his book bag had survived the crucible of the Suavan Sea and had dried out by the fire. Knorr stretched out his tired muscles not wanting to move, but the sight of the towers in Syliras brought him into motion. He shouldered his bag and picked up the still asleep Lyra and began his walk to Syliras.

Knorr had been trudging along a road he had come across when he noticed a small patch of Jile by the side of the road which he picked up so he could use it to buy a little bit of food if they needed it.

Lyra had woken up and they had been walking for another few miles chewing on some dried meat and nuts Knorr had traded for with his Jile. However, Lyra suddenly stopped and hugged Knorr as the Evantide Outpost came into sight.


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