Author:  Sorian [ December 31st, 2009, 5:44 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Afternoon Yellow Fevers


Lines and shades of light hewn features,
painted blazingly by a distant hand
deviate mandatorily from the fire-signed raptures
of a permanent melancholy,
springing in abundance upon colorful stories..
like the breaking dawn of life.

A waking bed under mystic eyes
donned under contracting, undulating words,
that speak of proud, makeshift smiles,
gallant yet adorned by mere necessity..
The essence sewn into formality..
and the affinity,
cascading down like angel feathers
by the wide, bright sea.

They permeate the distance
between two beating jewels,
drunk with fraud and failure..
a taste of rare liquorish,
and the tiniest semblance
of heaven and hell
in the belittling wilderness of man's animosity.


Author:  Gossamer [ January 2nd, 2010, 3:05 am ]

Lovely Poem. I really love it when people share these. I loved all the parts, but I was slightly disappointed by the feathers being 'angel' feathers ... I know that sounds odd, but a different type of feathers would be so much better in my mind. My favorite line... "belittling wilderness of man's animosity." That has a lovely ring of truth to it.

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