Author:  Knorr [ October 28th, 2017, 12:16 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Prologue Pt2


It had been 11 days since Knorr had boarded the Tsana, he knew he might die on this voyage but he didn’t realize he would die of boredom. Knorr had boarded the ship with an optimistic view that he would be able to learn human culture to better prepare him for Syliras. When they cast off however the only passenger, other than Knorr himself, that had boarded the Tsana was a twelve-year-old human girl named Lyra. Knorr searched for Captain Withers and found him having a smoke on the quarter deck, “Ah Knorr! I trust you found your quarters satisfactory!” opened Withers.
“They are indeed satisfactory” replied Knorr impassively.
“Well, how can I help you?” inquired the captain
“How many other passengers are there?” said Knorr getting straight to the point.
“Well, there is you, Lyra and Mr. Ironside who unfortunately was the victim of a stabbing in a tavern brawl last night and is unfit to sail with us today.” Withers returned
“So only me and the girl?”
“Captain Withers, what exactly is the Tsana’s cargo?”
“He haul cargo for the Nitrozian family from Ravok, and while I cannot reveal the exact contents of the hold I can say we aren’t laden with precious jewels that Svenfran pirates might be interested in. If that’s is what you are asking.” Explained Withers.
“I see” said Knorr coolly, after which the Jamouran turned on his heal and trudged down the steep steps to his quarters.

The next five days Knorr kept to himself meditating in his quarters as well as eating his daily meals there. It was only on the seventh day that he talked to anyone since his conversation with Captain Withers. The little girl Lyra had walked into his cabin and sat down on the floor in front of him. It was the first-time Knorr had noticed just how red her hair was, and her eyes were a dull green. “Hello, Mr. Jamouran sir” she said confidently
“Hello child” replied Knorr who was taken aback with how brave this little girl was. With all the affection, he could muster he said “Did you need something?”
“I was wondering if you felt lonely because you spend all you time just sitting here.” she answered
“Good heavens no, a Jamouran must meditate in order to remember.”
“Remember? I thought everyone could remember?” Lyra replied, sounding slightly confused.
“Yes everyone can remember” realizing that she probably hadn’t been taught about the Jamouran gift Knorr explained, “Jamourans like me can remember our past lives.”
“Past lives?” said the girl even more confused than before.
“It’s very complicated I wouldn’t expect you to understand” Knorr told her, trying to end the conversation.
“Oh ok… if you say so” said Lyra clearly feeling a bit dejected, “I better go my parents are forcing me to write a journal and I haven’t done today or yesterday’s entries. Cya later…” Lyra stood up and walked towards to the door, shoulders slumped. Knorr thought nothing of it and went back to meditation.

Over the next few days Lyra’s visits grew more and more frequent. At first Knorr dreaded these little visits but, however, he learned to realize humans crave these little interactions so he became happy to entertain Lyra for the remaining part of the voyage. She liked to talk about her family, who she hadn’t seen in months while she visited her uncle in Taldera. Her father, Knorr gathered, had amassed some small fortune trading in Syliras.

It was the eleventh night and the sun was setting, “I look forward to seeing my mommy and daddy.” Said Lyra a bit glumly. “Don’t worry child everything will be alright.”


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