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Postby Nightly on June 27th, 2013, 2:01 am


Dog tag

Race: Kelvic
Gender: Male
Age: 1 Year old
Birthday: 14, Summer, 512. Born during the Night of the Orchids celebration.
Birthplace: Falyndar (Zinrah)

Hair: Dark black, turns a dark brown in very bright light.
Skin: Pale, nearly sickly gray.
Body type: Lithe, tall
Height: When full grown, 6’2
Weight: 145 on good days

Long stringy hair, it’s never cut or brushed unless it happens to tangle too badly. Washed only when it rains or something like fish or turtle in on the menu, so not very often. You would think a cat would have more care for his appearance, but when every day is a fight for food; it takes the back seat. Despite the lack of bathing he never has much of a smell. In one form or the other he smells of good planting dirt and blood. Best not think of the blood. His nails are never trimmed and never clean. There is hardly a time when he doesn’t have dirt, blood, or some fleshy stuff under there. Remarkably his teeth are clean, but that’s because he’s always chewing bones or even sticks if he is too hungry.

Thin, painfully so; but who wouldn’t be when you’re a kid and live alone? He is tall and lithe with muscles that play under his skin and seem to stretch it farther then it should for how thin he is. You can count his ribs, but only just and that’s only if you get close enough to him. Chances are that won’t happen. His skin is also pale, nearly gray in color, and that’s because most of his day is spent in his natural form hunting. Hard to get a tan when you have black fluffy fur covering you nearly all the time. Thin as he is, those muscles work and on good days he isn’t a push over. Long limbs and deft thin fingers; he looks bad but it’s not strength that you have to worry about, its infection from his bites and scratches; even if he happens to look human at the time you attain them.

A narrow and bit hollowed face, he has somewhat of a long nose on him to boot. Large eyes and hanging hair, waif like in general could describe him. Still something about his face is interesting. Full lips added all to the mix and you have something that’s hard to pin point in a scale of looks. Just one of his features alone he might look like a mash up, but with all his features together; including brilliant golden eyes; and he is beautiful. His hair hangs before him like a black curtain, showing off the pallor of his skin and in turn illuminates his eyes and casts shadows across his face and nose. A work of art to say, some might like his looks while others might not. Nightly himself, well he is pleased as he finds his features feline like even when forced to use thumbs.

Character Concept

Let’s not call him sane. Being on his own for a month, he isn’t in top health; neither mind nor body. Struggling to survive alone he takes what he can get; and that means anything. You happen to walk on two legs and talk? Good for you, your now dubbed lunch. Even his own kind can find its way to his stomach if he can catch them. There is not anything in the world that he will not try to eat at least once no matter who or what you are.

There is no family in his mind, no friends or lovers; no bond mate. There is nothing there, empty and blank whatever his attachments could have been there is none there now. Sanity is a fairytale; oh it’s not that he never had it, but who’s to say it was ever real? Moving from one day to the next he hardly seems capable of doing anything else, but every now and then if someone is watching; they can see him do something remotely healthy and a sign of his age, like trying to catch his tail. When he has the energy and time it’s always good sport to catch the long twitching thing.

Sometimes he will be as human and gaze with feral eyes to watch others move about. Learning or maybe marking threats; hard to say what goes on in his head. For the moment he has no real goal in mind but then he doesn’t know what’s out there yet. There is time enough to learn and Nightly isn’t one who will be rushing to embrace humanity.


It’s hard to say just how Nightly is. His personality seems to be a bit shaky, could be because he’s not all too sane. A bit fragile in the maturity department he has a huge amount of wonder and curiosity in him. What does this do, what happens if I throw it? Not everything he does to find out what something does makes sense, after all licking a pillow isn’t going to tell you it’s to rest you’re head on. Nightly will try everything once; well nearly everything. Oddly he does have some self-preservation in his bundle of tangled instincts; such as knowing his own inability to jump across gorges. It won’t ever happen.

With his childlike ways of finding things out aside, what you’re left with a near unlimited ability to be cruel. If you are not his friend, not his family; you are less than nothing to him. If he can’t eat you, then you’re nothing more to him then a bit of dirt that happens to move. You could scream and beg him as you are attacked and he would either move to safety himself, or watch you die. Unless someone he likes is in need of help, or he feels a particular want to help; you might as well save yourself the trouble and ignore him to. It’s safer that way because his attention isn’t necessarily healthy or safe.

Loyalty, possession, those two emotions get a bit screwy for him. Once you fall under his protection you will remain there and if you happen to backstab him; well you will see all of that energy he put into pleasing you, change into destroying every cell in your body. Although this isn’t always true since sometimes he will give second chances, but those are in limited quantity and just from person to person; but as a worlds whole. Now all is not dark if he sets his sight on you. Nightly is capable of great deeds and caring, he would go so far as to break bones to help those he considers his or family. Should a family member try and kill another; well then he will kill them both. Oh he would be sorry but weakness in a group must be dealt with.

He can be gentle; never will he hurt a child unless he is so far in hunger that he loses himself. He likes kids, even as he is one himself; he has a deep seeded need that they not turn out like him. Deep down inside he knows he’s messed up and splintered; and he doesn’t want anyone else going through that. Nightly’s personality varies in that it contradicts itself. It’s hard for him to keep straight his own emotions and wants, a set task or the distraction of food is the best way to set his mind in the right direction should he falter. Should you find yourself facing a very pissed off cat, don’t run or shout and instead offer him a bit of food and he should settle when his stomachs full.

Character History

It was a desperate try, or maybe an experiment? A Dhani queen was ill; not of body but in her mind. Something had happened and no one understood just what it was. None there could heal, and it was decided that maybe; a Kelvic could help. They shared each other, they evened each other out. So they went in search of one and found it in the form of a week old black jaguar. Surely one so small and pure could help a shattered mind! They all thought this; none wondered what a week old mind could do against hundreds of years of insanity. So they bought the kitten, his mother could afford to even feed herself. He was taken to the queen and they were bonded.

Nightly his name was, when the bond started it was easy to accept, he wasn’t even aware enough yet to know what it was; just instinctively knew to reach out and embrace the one on the other side. He did, and he broke. To young and fragile, a little leaf thrown into a hurricane. For a while everything was fine, it looked like it was working. The queens eyes focused again, she started to speak; and the young Kelvic was tended at her side. Months past, the bond thrumming between the two; but all was not well. The sixth month came and it was clear something had gone wrong. The queens sanity slipped further then it had before; and Nightly at her side started biting at anyone and anything near him.

The queen lost it on the eleventh month, and blood rained as the nest was destroyed by her hand. It turned in her madness to the small cub, and it was a mistake. He was young and small, but he knew her madness and he killed her. Was it his bond mates insanity; or that he killed her in his? Whatever the case even as her grip came lose he was unable to fully sort himself out again. His addled mind recalled a place that the Dhani did not like, and in fear of their rage he fled toward it. It took days, losing himself in his fear and madness he moved like a horse with its tail aflame. Running there and here; crying and screaming and bulldozing anything before him. Then that horrid mixing and churning whirlpool that was his mind settled enough that he managed to find Taloba.

Slinking in he stayed to the shadows and from everyone; but he watched them. Taking scraps he could find he gained back even more of his mental health. Watching these productive and stern people he found a rhythm for himself. Hunt during the day; gather everything he could that was useful and at night sleep. Days slid by while steadily he started to sense past his instincts. As he did the items he collected panned out from bones that were fun to chew on; to bits of cloth. By the time he was a year old he had gathered money, clothes and other such things. He turned human and played with a brush of bone he had found. Dressing himself he practiced mimicking and simply talked to himself. He wasn’t so out of it that he did not suspect someone had spotted him in the month he had been around Taloba.

He was thin and waned; everything of him was spread out too far but he managed to cling on. Hunger bothered him like nothing else did, but his curiosity for the people of Taloba grew by each day. He found himself respecting and even envying their ability to tackle every day with a fine honed mind; his own scattering like a flock of birds. He enjoyed watching their blood rites; and found it fun to copy them. Their cruelty even, he enjoyed. Was it because he had killed his bond mate, or did he just enjoy it? Didn’t matter much, even as he tried to understand some of the things they did. Well many of them. They were like a pride of great cats, if only they had fur like him. Maybe he would try to talk to one, or at least let himself be seen more often.

Family & Friends

His mother is a Kelvic living in poverty with the Dhani. She is not bond mated to any of them, but belongs to them all. Or she did. Along with the whole of that nest she too was killed and so was Nightly’s father. His mother was an otter; his father who knows. Nightly as far as he knows is an only child. Born alone and the only one ever born. No siblings or parents he lives on without much thought to that sort of attachment. Perhaps he has extended family, an aunt, uncle or grandparents? He didn’t know, and perhaps it was for the better. What need does one have for common blood to have a family? If he did happen to have any, they sold his life with hardly a thought and he wants no part of them.

Along with no family, he does not have any friends unless you count a big burly tiger swatting him upside his head for poaching in his territory. Like family, friends are an attachment that flows off him like water off a ducks back. There isn’t anyone or thing he knows worthy of that spot in his heart. He is young though, and the seasons are long. One day he may very well find these things, but not now.

Fun faqs

Nightly is ambidextrous, and as a result he can mess up on things that should be simple. Which hand to use, which does what? Looking at others doesn’t help solve this confusion.

Nightly doesn’t sound like he belongs anywhere; if you had to pinpoint his accent you would be forced to say it was nothing. Why, because Nightly likes to copy people. Hearing others speak is enough for him to copy how they talk. Useful to someone who doesn’t do much talking to start with.

Have something firm but with a slight give to it? Chances are you will be finding scratch marks, bites or both! If it fits in his mouth he will want to bite it at least once; nice catching material and he will want to sharpen his claws.

No such thing as the personal bubble! Nightly will wreck all your lovely personal boundaries in a single visit! Never been licked, well if he is in a mellow mood you might find your hair bathed, and not necessarily while he is in his more animal skin.

Hair, you will have it. Nightly makes it his personal mission to make sure every animal around understands with perfect clarity that you are his. A quick rub of furry black hair and your good! You will smell like him, bathe all you like.

Staring contests are quite a bit of entertainment for him. Being a cat, even a big one means he can sit there for hours watching you. There is no reason, no cause; you are just going to be watched. If you blow your top he will give you an odd look and go about something else thinking your odd.

Forks and knives, who needs them?! Nightly is proud of his teeth and claws; so best never ask him to butcher something for you because it’s all he will use.

Reading, writing; nope. Smelly black stuff that makes him stink and everything else. He sees no purpose for this activity and might even scorn those who do.

Clothes are optional, or to him at least. If you really want him to talk to you or do something involving thumbs; or heck just sit there and look human; better be prepared for absolute lack of decency. Dress him up and you might find those clothes are on the floor as soon as you turn your back.

Nightly likes fire. A lot. Be it a tiny little floating spark or a roaring bonfire he just loves watching it. That he has burned himself a few times hasn’t stopped that.

Fear the dolls, he does. Any doll no matter what it’s made of, he will tear to tiny bits or run from. Who knows why he doesn’t like them but it would be a small bet that it’s their dead eyes.

Alcohol is a no. Just the sight of it will send this big cat screwing his face up and promptly ignoring everyone who dare touch it to their lips. Do it too much and you risk him never paying you any mind again. The stuff stinks, it’s rotten and you dare get it near him?!


Fluent Language: Common
Fluent Language: Cat-Speak
Basic Language: N/A


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Hunting 5 SP, RB 10, 2 XP 17 Novice
Observation 9 SP, 5 XP 14 Novice
Wilderness Survival 26 SP, 0 XP 26 Competent
Tracking 10 SP, 0 XP 10 Novice
Interrogation 0 SP, 3 XP 3 Novice


Lore of: Taloba's Location
Lore of: Desperation to survive
Lore of: Scent of Deer
Lore of: Birth of a Flame
Lore of: That spot is not normal! ... Take it off!
Lore of: Tinnok: Half Dhani, Half... Not cat?


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Vest
-Simple Loincloth
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Brush (Bone)

Heirloom: A rabbit hide cat toy; fist sized ball


Location: Very close outskirts of Taloba
House: A random tree, they all look the same.
Note: In all Nightly doesn't really have a home; I have wavered the right for that in favor of the extra Bikka instead. Thanks for the note~


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +200 Bikka 200 Bikka

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