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Postby Numia on January 9th, 2016, 3:15 am


Race: Pycon
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Birthday: 7th of Winter, 512
Birthplace: Pyconia, The Unforgiving


Though her appearance often changes, her current form is that of a bipedal bat-like creature made out of clay, with a flattened rodent-like face, tall bat ears, webbed bat-like toes, and little protrusions sticking out from her knees and elbows like toothpicks. She has opposable thumbs at the end of her long and spindly ankle-reaching arms, but the very long claw-like shape of her fingers sometimes makes it difficult to grasp unfamiliar objects. At 3 inches tall and 5 pounds, she is surprisingly heavy for her minuscule size. Over her frame is a clay cloak, complete with hood.

Upon her chest is a black ampersand symbol, a gnosis mark taking up most of the surface area on the front portion of her torso.

Character Concept

Numia is the creative, inquisitive, serious, and energetic type. While she may herself tire, her personality never tires. She's usually outgoing, thoughtful, and energetic up until she passes out from exhaustion. While she enjoys making friends, she's more interested in their history and how they react to her than the bond it entails. Because of this, she can be difficult to get along with since she will ask lots of surprising or personal questions in an often serious and inquisitive tone.

More than anything, she enjoys playing music. She can play music from dawn 'til dusk and never get bored. In fact, it can be hard to pry her from her music when she is focused. Her greatest fear is of small, closed-off spaces. She is uncomfortable indoors if there is no window, and she can grow frightened if she cannot find the exit. This stems from her initiation into voiding where she was immobilized with her head wrapped in fabric for several days, a very long time to a Pycon, with only the occasional pause in the darkness to be fed bits of clay.

While she is still playful, she has been squashed on occasion by shrieking humans that didn't know any better. She found that wearing clothing seemed to lower the chances of this happening, so now she always wears a hooded cloak, her spindly arms reaching out from underneath it to play her Pycon-sized fiddle when the situation allows

Numia often throws caution to the wind, but she is usually careful with what she says. She doesn't understand human culture well enough to know what would be acceptable, so she often has to think about what someone wants to hear, or if saying something would have consequences. Sometimes it can't be helped, and she speaks her mind.

Uncaring for coin, Numia saves it for keeping her instruments in good repair or acquiring clay. If she's earning it, it's usually piling up as she rarely spends it except on living expenses.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Snake-Tongue
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Numia - History & Relations

Postby Numia on January 19th, 2016, 4:33 am

Character History

Pyconia, city of wonder and intrigue. That is where Numia was born, to polygamous parents of high stature within Pycon society. They had already experienced the world and had their fill, and their tales of adventure as well as their many skills fascinated Numia. Soon after she was born, she was an oval-shaped creature with her familiar spindly arms and short, stubby legs. Since then, she has changed quite a bit over the years. She didn't get to spend much time with her mother, but her father taught her how to play the Pycon fiddle and she instantly became attached to the practice and began to emulate some of the bat-like features of his form.

When she wasn't practicing or learning how to play, Numia was showering other Pycon with questions and demands to hear of their stories. One Pycon, in particular, was a powerful void mage, and after one too many questions he agreed to teach her how to summon those fanciful portals into the realm of nothingness. To Numia, learning Voiding was a harrowing experience that she would never wish upon her worst adversary.

There came a time when an expedition to Alvadas was organized by the various Pycon upstarts within the community. Everyone wanted to make a name for themselves, and it was through this procession that Numia made her way to Alvadas in the Summer of 514. It was not an easy journey, and it was at this point that she was first introduced to loss. Two of the Pycon that she had befriended did not survive the trip, or they were separated from the lot. During the trip, she formed spike-like protrusions that helped to guide her through the unstable environment.

Alvadas was a magical place, if shockingly violent towards her race, and if she had not been seduced by the tempting offer of playing her fiddle for a Svefra merchant, she would not have stayed for as long as she had. It was at this point that she grew a clay cloak and hood over herself to hide parts of her more bestial transformations from onlookers. Across the sea she went, and aboard that ship was a viper Dhani that seemed to avoid her, but she persisted and managed to speak with the strange creature that was in hiding. From the Dhani, she learned how to understand some of the concepts of Snake-Tongue in exchange for the Pycon to 'leave him be to his hibernation' as the ship, crew, and stowaway made their voyage to the shores of Syliras.

Still, Numia inadvertently found herself in conflict with the stowaway. The Dhani eventually gave up the hostility after hearing her music. The snake person shifted colors before Numia's eyes, and it was revealed that the female knew the art of Morphing, which Numia instantly fawned over. She had to know how to perform such a thing, so she spent much of her voyage obeying every whim of the snake creature in exchange for her tutelage. Numia spent much of her time using the gift Rhaus gave her to hunt every single mouse aboard the ship for the Dhani. Rations were remarkably untainted during the voyage.

She'd picked up the basics of Fratava from the Svefra, so she said goodbye to them as she left to explore the intimidating castle of Stormhold the very moment she docked. The Dhani, she presumed, was still asleep. Wandering the halls, she somehow grew lost until she was found by a knight of Syliras. When the bold man offered for Numia to join the ranks of the Syliran Knights as a squire, she could not refuse. After all, the man had just saved her from an eternity of never seeing the sky. From that point on, Numia made a point out of remembering where she was.

Inducted into the order early Fall, 515, she finally found an ambition in her life in the form of changing those around her as well as herself and the places she traveled, to make a mark upon a vast world despite her small stature. With this newfound sense of duty, she is always itching to explore and learn, to discover what has been lost or see and hear new things.

Gnosis Story :
The rattle of glass clanked through the bar, buzzing with the gruff voices of the men of Alvadas drinking the day away, chattering with small talk. Someone stood out from the crowd, someone young and despondent, leaning over the counter and staring at a glass of rum which he turned in his fingers. Numia, despite her position on the floor and her lack of climbing ability, could see just how sad this person was. She desperately wanted him to change, to see something else in his life and see things brighter.

Entirely unnoticed by the patrons, she walked closer to the base of the stool the man was sitting on. "Human, human!" she shouted above the noise of the crowd. The boy, not much older than a teen, slowly turned his head to look for the source of the noise. His ragged, tired eyes couldn't seem to spot the owner of the voice. "Down here!" Numia said again with a squeak. Finally, his eyes glanced downward and met hers.

He was taken aback by surprise. "A Pycon?" the boy said aloud with a questioning tone. Then, he brought the glass to his lips and kicked it back in one swig, emptying it and feeling the buzz almost immediately. The scent of alcohol wafted down to her as he breathed. "What do you want with a failure like me?" he asked, a clear arch in his eyebrows alluding to his curiosity.

"Why are you so sad?" Numia asked, removing her hood to expose her batty face and ears.

The boy fell silent for a moment before his mouth began to move again. "Such a big question for someone so small... Well, if you must know, I like to sing. But I'm apprenticed to a maskmaker. My father said he won't support me if I quit." He gazed down at the empty glass, a mask of his own forming upon his face. "I'll just have to keep at it, then--but I'm not very good at the trade so far."

Numia scratched her chin, thinking about a solution. She knew it couldn't be the end for the joy of this person. And, well, she really wanted to hear him sing now. She was curious. Then, through the mists of her mind came an idea. "Sing!" She exclaimed.


"Sing for the people in this bar!" She said, conveying as much encouragement as she could in her voice. "If you're good at it, you can busk on the streets and earn enough to rent rooms at an inn if your father kicks you out!" She balled her hands into fists and danced with a giddy smile that nobody could see. "Do you know any songs?" She asked.

The proposition from the Pycon was a surprise to the human, a tingling sensation running up his nose as he straightened up, taken aback by the offer and glancing worriedly at the Pycon. Then, a man on a stool next to him chimed in. "Yeah, sing. It'd be good entertainment for the evening, wouldn't it?"

A mug shot up into the air from across the room. "Aye!" the shout boomed across the room.

The boy's cheeks were flush now. He was embarrassed, nervous even. "But I--" he stammered. "I can't possibly..."

"Nonsense!" Numia shouted. "Get up on that stage and perform! Change your life around and do something YOU want to do!" She extended a spindly arm from beneath her cloak and pointed at the raised platform in the corner of the bar.

"Maybe you're right..." he said, finally tearing down the wall in his mind standing against the idea. "Yeah..." he nodded. "That could work, maybe... It's risky." he shot a smile at Numia, who bowed to mask her glee.

"The name's Mulcimer!" he shouted for all to see as he hopped off his chair and jogged briskly to the stage.

"And I'm no taciturn sot!" he bellowed, jumping right in with a stoic tune that seemed to bounce off the walls of the bar. "Feeling, at best, one with the rest, sing one of shallow, to the hallow!" Mulcimer managed to turn every head in the bar by now, and Numia was transfixed upon his voice. "Greet me, my friends ... the best are among you, and life, is, short!" His tune alternated between octaves and pitch fluently, creating a song that pulled at the heart strings of almost everyone around.

The song continued for some time, and he only made one mistake in his lengthy solo. He sang very well, Numia surmised, but she could tell he could use some work on his breathing technique. Numia was sure someone else would tell him about it, but as the performance wound down she was set on congratulating him.

"That was amazing!" Numia shouted as the crowd cheered and toasted to his honor. She was about to say more, but she was interrupted by the sultry voice of the bartender of this joint.

"Hey, you're welcome to sing here anytime the stage is empty. I'll even pay you if yer attracting a crowd. You're good, kid. An' don't let your daddy hold ya back!" the bartender nodded at the end of his encouragement and then returned to serving drinks and wiping down glasses.

Mulcimer, meanwhile, was euphoric. His lifelong dream was finally coming to fruition, and he had this Pycon to thank. "What's your name, Pycon? I have to thank you somehow. It wouldn't be right to me if I didn't."

"Numia!" she piped up, but her next rebuttal dismissed his thanks. "All I ever wanted was to hear you sing. I should be thanking YOU! That was a wonderful song. And congratulations on your first gig! You really deserved it!" Like usual, Numia was brimming with joy and admiration. She actually wished she could sing like him, and began to wonder what it would be like to sing in such a way that people admired her as much as she admired Mulcimer.

"Well, if you say so Numia. But still, thank you. I never would have done this on my own. I'm going to go tell my pops before it gets late. It's not gonna be fun, I imagine, but I've got enough coin to last me a few days out on the streets." He nodded at her, and she waved at him.

"Good luck!" Numia shouted as she ran after Mulcimer who shot out the door of the tavern.

At the doorway, he paused to say one more goodbye to not just her, but everyone else. "I bid you all farewell, lads!" Then he ducked out into the sunlight as Numia chased after him.

Mulcimer, with the vigor of youth, skipped across the street and began humming as Numia watched, a rattle in every note that seemed to change those who hustled and bustled through the busy streets of Alvadas. To her, it was the best goodbye she could have asked for. Overhead the sky turned green with butterflies, which coalesced into vines that began to lunge towards the rooftops. Numia was bristling with excitement at this point, and she pulled her fiddle out from over her shoulder while fishing out the bow.

But as she readied herself to play, the pang of her motivation began to fade. This would not be a duet, but like always, a solo. Her chest rose and with a heave she drew the first note. Long and drawn out, as if calling for the other to turn around and meet her music word for note. She turned in place, mind on Mulcimer as she followed her first note with a second. This one was quicker and with a jolt and a spark to it that caused one of the female humans around to turn her head in search of the origin of this noise.

And as Numia let go, she entered the realm within her mind that melodies sailed through. Like a musical score, the illusions above imitated her vivid mind and played on her sensibilities as her fingers danced through the fingerboard of her fiddle, recalling the lyrics to Mulcimer's song. Shallow... A pause from the fiery brush of instrumentation, it shifted to something quick and cheerful all the same. ...to the hallowed. Numia by no means sounded anything decent. Outside her mind, the chorus of grunts and mournful howls from her would-be audience was a sight to behold, but it wasn't a sight she paid any heed.

And so she continued, a shadow passing o'er head as she hung to the wall, sharing her music with all. And when a pair of doves meandered from the alley ahead into her path, she played them on, trying to narrate their tune. She skipped forward with a flourish, and they took flight to the vines above, narrated by a quick stroke for each flap of their wings. And from vine to vine, feathers began to spread. No birds in sight, feathered vines began to shed.

Up and down, her bow carried on. She tried to be soft, but something was wrong. She couldn't match the tune of every feather that landed, and there were too many that sang together. Numia felt drowned out by the visual stimulation, so her music faltered and came to a stop as she paused to watch. How could she compete with art so neat?

And then the words from a delighted tone seemed to bounce about around her. "Keep playing!" they chorused, all at once! At first, she paused. She was happy to be admired, but could words pull her out of this mire? Why yes, they could. It was cheer, not jeer, that made her bow veer. She experimented and played, a bounce to her bow that alluded to her soul. Her gait zigged and zagged thoughtfully, truly elated that her music was appreciated.

And in all the world, it was the happiest she had ever been.

The vines parted to sky, the feathers blown asunder. The world yielded to make way for her to take the stage. However, the stage was empty. In her enthusiasm, there was not a single creature within her gaze. She turned on a fret, looking for ears to hear her at her best. There was only one person, a young boy with eyes of green. Numia exuded a batty grin, and continued to twiddle her fiddle as much as before. The boy was paying attention to her, listening to her play.

She was nearing the end of her song, so tired was she. Her playing grew quicker in anticipation to reach a finish, and end with a wish. Oh how she hoped this boy enjoyed it, the song from within that made use of her boundless joy. And with two long strokes, she ended her song with jaunty tune. She spun in a circle on her feet as she played the final note, causing the sound to whirl and ween. Truthfully an awful sound to many, she could tell by the smile of the boy in front of her that he still enjoyed watching her play.

After her finish, the boy cheered her on. "Bravo, bravo!" He clapped, thunderously. Numia bowed to him, her spindly arms holding her violin and bow high. "Such enthusiasm for song is a rare gem, what is your name?" He asked, sitting on the pavement in front of her.

"Name? My name is Numia!" she piped up.

The boy seemed pleased with her answer, but he had some advice to impart upon her craft as well. "I want you to know something Numia ... no matter where you are, no matter the hour or if nobody that you can see is around, someone is listening to you play! And it was kind of you to help that young singer. He will surely go on to help others as you have, and that is something I find admirable." The words came as a surprise to her.

"Is that so? That's wonderful! I'll strive to make a difference as long as I can." She could hardly contain herself. She would remember this day for as long as she lived, she knew she would. After her words, the boy seemed to fall silent as if puzzling something over in his mind. Finally, the silence broke in an artful way when the boy spoke.

"I have a gift to give you," he said.

A gift? Gifts are wonderful! That's how I received this violin, after all. "Amazing!" She said. "What kind of gift?" Numia asked a lot of questions, her curious mind pulling her forward at all times.

"A very special one that I'm sure you will cherish as much as I will!" Leaning forward with his index finger outstretched, he touched her small chest and she could feel something changing within her as a bright white light flashed in front of her eyes. "I am Rhaus," the boy continued. "I give you this gift so that I will always be able to listen to the sound of your music, and so that you can hear in some small way what I hear with every heartbeat. Through this bond, all you come across may yet share in your joy."

The finger retreated, and Numia could feel a very special bond with the boy. She could tell he was far greater than he let on now, and she was in awe of him, silent. "Now, Numia." He continued, "open your mind and hear of the world around you!" She could do that much, so she closed her eyes and began to listen ... sound rushed into her conscious, and within that instant, she could hear more than she ever had. At first, it was overwhelming, but as she focused she began to pick out individual different sounds. Even the stones beneath her feet vibrated with unique frequencies that were new to her mind, and it was absolutely astonishing to her.

"This is ... there is no better gift you could have given me!" She exclaimed. Gratefulness poured from her as she opened her eyes. But the boy, no, Rhaus, wasn't there. It was true, he felt further away, yet near. It was hard for her to explain. But she felt like he could still hear her, so she continued to talk. "I will cherish this gift, my new friend! And I will play to you with all of the joy I can!" And with that, she positioned her fiddle and her bow and began to play a new tune that to her became a journey to lands unknown.
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Numia - Skills, Reputation, Gnosis & Injuries

Postby Numia on January 19th, 2016, 4:33 am

Would you like to hear a song?

Skill EXP Proficiency
Instrument: Pycon Fiddle 15SP, +12XP 27/100 Competent
Singing +6XP 3/100 Novice
Riding +12XP 11/100 Novice
Unarmed Combat +9XP 1/100 Novice
Escape Artist 10RB 10/100 Novice
Observation +25XP 25/100 Novice
Tactics +7XP 7/100 Novice
Climbing +3XP 3/100 Novice
Acrobatics +5XP 2/100 Novice
Meditation +7XP 5/100 Novice
Endurance +6XP 6/100 Novice
Storytelling +2XP 2/100 Novice
Teaching +1XP 1/100 Novice
Impersonation +1 XP 1/100 Novice

Skill EXP Proficiency
Voiding 26SP, 6XP 32/100 Competent
Morphing 9SP +4XP 13/100 Novice

Skill EXP Proficiency
Land Navigation +3XP 3/100 Novice
Dancing +1XP 1/100 Novice
Investigation +1XP 1/100 Novice
Stealth +2XP 2/100 Novice
Camouflage +2XP 2/100 Novice
Tracking +1XP 1/100 Novice
Brawling +1XP 1/100 Novice
Rhetoric +2XP 2/100 Novice
Socialization +4XP 4/100 Novice
Philosophy +1XP 2/100 Novice
Persuasion +1XP 1/100 Novice

Shield Points
Amount From Total
+3, +5, +3, +3, +4 Training 18
+1, +1, +1, +1 With Patron 4
+7 Aiding Citizens 7
+6 Clearing up Yukmen 6
- Total 35

Description Origin Heal Date
Multiple Small Cuts and scrapes (Easily Repaired). Minor and disregardable injuries mainly gained from crawling through the rough underbrush or from flying debris. Their sting will do less to actually pain Numia than they will to remind the little Pycon just how lucky she is to be alive.Physical28 Winter, 515
A Small, but Painful Burn on Her Right Leg (Will take three weeks to fully heal unless seen to by an expert.) The burn is of a magical nature, utterly unnatural in its conception and some might even say... evil. Even reshaping the burnt clay only serves to shift the injury, not cure it, and replacing the affected clay entirely doesn't seem to help either as the pain returns not long afterwards. Its wretched residue will torment Numia for an equally unnatural amount of time unless she seeks help from another mage who can discern its mysteries. Thankfully the pain is not overwhelming by any means, and eventually the Pycon may grow accustomed enough to it that it can be relatively ignored completely, but nightmares of the creature that gave her the wound will oftentimes plague her sleep, forcing Numia awake to face a fresh resurgence of the burn's stabbing ache once again.Magical, Psychological 42 Winter, 515

Audius 1 - ST Secrets Numia has the gifts of Listening, Relative and Absolute Pitch, and Resonance. In terms of listening, bards can ‘hear’ within 50 feet of their location. She can resonate with things they can ‘hear’ or see. Numia also has limited ability with infrasound. Her infrasound can travel upwards of a mile. Lastly, she can potentially perform mimicry or cancel sound to obscure conversations or footsteps for herself and others
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Numia - Lores

Postby Numia on January 19th, 2016, 4:34 am

I yearn to know what lies ahead

Basic Fiddle Melodies Using Music to Calm Anger

Sweet Whispers Projection: Manipulating The Astral Body
Voiding: To Understand the Void is to Fear the Void
Voiding: Push and Pull Voiding: The Things on the Other Side
Magic: Djed Theory
Magic: Knowing the Dangers
Magic: The Laws of Djed
Magic: Some Forms of Djed are Purer than Others
Magic: Dangerous Tor The Mage

Tactics: Bird Calls As A Distraction Lore
Tactics: Throwing Dirt
Keeping Watch Is Necessary
A Punch In The Male Bits
Unarmed Combat: Gotta Get Close

Irathia: Angry Fighter Lore

Cobalt Mountains Lore

Religion: (Rhaus) Priskil: Goddess of Radiance

Pushing One's Self to be Better Embracing One's Talents
Choosing Fight Over Flight Yukmen: Sound Earthy
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Numia - Possessions & Ledger

Postby Numia on January 19th, 2016, 4:34 am

All I truly need is the beat of my nexus


1 Fiddle with strap
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-1 Rosin Cake (1 Year's Worth)
-Pycon Fiddle Bow
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel

Heirloom: Pycon Fiddle & Bow


Location: Syliras

House: Squire Dormitories


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina
Rosin Cake -10 GM 90 GM
Living Expenses Spring 516 -0 GM 90 GM
Living Expenses Summer 516 -0 GM 90 GM

Numia is a squire. There will be no living expenses from Winter 515 onward.
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Numia - Thread List

Postby Numia on January 19th, 2016, 4:35 am

Story of my Life


Thread List
Fall 516

Spring 516 :
32nd, To Catch a Thief
34th, The Py-Ken Master
42nd, Consigned to Oblivion - Riding +5, Observation +5, Investigation +1, Morphing +1, Camouflage +1, Tracking +1, Pycon Fiddle +3, Tactics +1, Singing +3, Rhetoric +2, Shield Points +7 (aiding citizens of the city)
42nd, The Price of Failure - Storytelling +2, Observation +3, Acrobatics +1, Shield Points +1 (thread with patron)
47th, Rhythm, And Controlling It - Socialisation +1, Singing +1, Pycon Fiddle +1, Unarmed combat +3, Observation +1, Acrobatics +1, Tactics +1, Brawling +1, Endurance +1, Shield Points: +4 Training
47th, Low Blow, Low Note - Endurance +3, Meditation +2, Acrobatics +1, Tactics +4, Impersonation +1, Unarmed Combat +3, Observation +1, Socialisation +1, Shield Points: +3 Training
50th, Prestidigitation Patrol - Observation +2, Riding +1, Unarmed Combat +2, Pycon Fiddle +2, Singing +2, Philosophy +1, Shield Points: +3 Training
53rd, Duty of the Order - Pycon Fiddle +1, Observation +4, Voiding +3, Riding: +2, Teaching +1, Tactics +1, Drawing +1, Shield Points: +6 Clearing Up Yukmen, +1 Patron
53rd, Woods of the Fray
58th, Music Heals - Pycon Fiddle +4, Dance +1, Observation +2, Persuasion +1, Socialization +2, Shield Points:
Winter 515 :
21st, The Hollow Tune - Observation +5, Land Navigation +3, Climbing +1, Acrobatics +2, Voiding +3, Meditation +2, Endurance +1, Instrument: Pycon Fiddle +1, Shield Points: +3 [Training]
Fall 515 Flashbacks :
16th, Banter's Canter - Unarmed Combat +1, Observation +1, Riding +4, Shield Points +1 (threading with patron), +5 (training solo)
79th, Cloak and Fiddle - Observation +1, Stealth +2, Meditation +3, Camouflage +1, Morphing +3, Climbing +2, Endurance +1
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