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A risky attempt at hunting during a storm.

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The Wilderness of Cyphrus is an endless sea of tall grass that rolls just like the oceans themselves. Geysers kiss the sky with their steamy breath, and mysterious craters create microworlds all their own. But above all danger lives here in the tall grass in the form of fierce wild creatures; elegant serpents that swim through the land like whales through the ocean and fierce packs of glassbeaks that hunt in packs which are only kept at bay by fires. Traverse it carefully, with a guide if possible, for those that venture alone endanger themselves in countless ways.

Through Gusts and Rainstorm

Postby Ashka Windrunner on May 20th, 2017, 6:17 am


85th of Spring, morning

The continuous pounding of the rain against the pavilion's canvas had became their daily melody. Five days now that the storm hadn't left them, crowning the Tent City with dark and heavy clouds and soaking beasts and people alike. Some of the most unfortunate Pavilions had seen their shelters torn apart by the might of Zulrav's breath and, despite the love and respect the Children of the Wind had for their Father, all were expectantly waiting for a moment of calm amid the whirling wet frenzy. A mix of awe, boredom, religious deference and frustration simmered in the Drykas' only city. People prayed and busied themselves with indoors chores, but such was not the traditionnal way of the Drykas, and soon the need to venture outdoors arose in many hearts.

In the Windrunner pavilion, Ashka had forced her mind to focus on small tasks around the tent, cleaning and cooking and helping others with leatherwork, only really enjoying their forced confinement in the evenings, when songs and stories warmed their hearts and entertained them enough to forget about the raging storm.

Last night however, a decision had been made, unanimously agreed upon. After several days of reclusion, the food reserves had grown thin, and the necessity of an outing had became obvious. Trading was scarcely practised during those long rainy days, each Pavilion limiting their own meals in the event of more stormy days. Dalor had expressed his yearning for the outdoors, and his wish to go hunting in spite of the weather. Toril,quite unexpectedly, had agreed with his firstborn and ordered a hunting expedition to be formed and ready to go by the next day.

Excitement and apprehension battled in Ashka's stomach that very morning, as she tamed her wild auburn locks into a braided bun that would keep her face clear. Never had she been hunting with such a storm roaring and pouring over the Sea of Grass. With Zulrav watching over them, they could maybe hope for a few lulls to ease their task.

She finished her hairdressing with a leather strap to tie the bun and stood up, already dressed in her beige pants and brown ramie shirt. In the main area of the pavilion, others buzzed around, readying for their own tasks of the day or helping with the last bits of preparations for the hunt. Dalor, eager to leave and ride through the plains again, stood impatiently by the main entrance flap, all dressed up and ready. A glance he sent Ashka's way urged her to hurry, so she grabbed her backpack and filled it swiftly with some items she thought would prove useful : two days worth of rations, a torch, flint and steel, a few feet of rope and a full waterskin. Her hunting knife she attached at her belt and the quiver and bow found their way on her back. She also took a tarp and bed roll and stacked them in one of the yvas bag, the other reserved for her backpack.

Finally done, she looked over to Idathi to see if the third member of their trio was ready. The black hair woman, although being a keen hunter, seemed reluctant to leave her children and the warmth of the tent. After a moment of fussing around with Sery's hair, she eventually lifted her own yvas and bags on her shoulders and nodded to the others.


The three volunteers for this expedition, Dalor, Ashka and Idathi stepped outside of their home and into the cold, rainy day. Idathi whistled for Sji to join her and the Drykas each walked to their respective Striders. Sheltered under a large tarp closed on two sides from the wind, the horses were remarkably calm, and welcomed their bonded riders with neighs of content. Stroking and whispering affectionate words, Ashka greeted her stallion before working through his wet coat with a wooden brush, sending patches of damp hair flying around. She told him about today, about the plains and the hunt, complimenting him on his speed and how she needed him.

But being born of Zulrav's breath apparently was not good enough a reason to go riding through a storm. The Strider neighed and stomped, clearly thinkning of a better way to spend his day. With a great deal of fussing, flattering words and promises, Ashka managed to get the tack around Lako, who would have much preferred staying home and dry.
"I know how you're feeling, but think, soon we'll be running with the winds !" She tried to take on an exciting tone, but Lako glanced at her with a disinterested expression. The girl shrugged it off and mounted, lifting herself up with her arms and the yvas.

Through the rain that clouded the camp, Ashka noticed the others waiting, so she pushed her Strider forward with a squeeze of her legs. Thanks to their bond, Lako understood the request fairly instinctively; it always made their ride easier.

The group slowly proceeded through the nearly empty city, most of its inhabitants safely sheltered in their homes. Sometimes, a singular silhouette could be seen, rushing to a tent or steadying ropes and pegs, but they were few. The rain poured down so heavily they were soon completely soaked, and the wind blew strong enough to whip at their faces. Yet, they kept walking. Ashka had left her coat at the tent, thinking its woolen fabric of no use in such weather, but she found herself longing for warmer clothes. Her wet garments stuck to her skin and caught the cold of the wind uncomfortably.

Soon, the green pavilions of the Emerald Clan appeared to sight, and Idathi led the way to a particular camp; it had been arranged to join another group of hunters for this risky outing. This would also be their last chance at a warm fire before bells.
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