The Floorplan

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Located in Baroque Bay out where the Mudway meets the Eastern Sea, a large sentient building exists that acts as a business and residence for a few determined souls. These rebels work towards the future of Sunberth hoping to curb the violence and ruthlessness and forge a better tomorrow. Sheltering mages and kelvics alike, the Midnight Gem is always changing and growing.

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The Floorplan

Postby Kelski on August 12th, 2018, 6:12 pm

The Third Floor Residence


  • Bedroom 1 = Ember's Room
  • Bedroom 2 = Unoccupied
  • Bedroom 3 = Anja's Room
  • Bedroom 4 = Unoccupied
  • Bedroom 5 = Ebon's Room
  • Guest Room = Duncan & Lia's Room
  • Master Suite = Kelski's Room

Costs :
The original rooms were paid for by the business plan loan. Additional costs are listed below. Secondary purchase was funded by contest funds from a write for money weekend where Kelski wrote 25000 words to earn 2500 GM plus some savings.

Bedroom (Simple) x2 = 350 GM = 700 GM
Library (Simple) = 500 GM
Kitchen (Simple) = 800 GM
Fireplace x 2 = 15 GM = 30 GM
Couch (good)x 2 = 6 GM = 12 GM
Table (good)x5 = 3 GM = 15 GM
Chair (good) x 14 = 1 GM = 14 GM
End Table(good) x2 = 7sm = 14 sm = 1.4 GM
Piano = 500 GM

Total: 2,572.4 GM

The Main Floor Retail Shop & Workshop


The Basement Training Areas

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The Floorplan

Postby Kynier on August 21st, 2018, 3:11 am

The Shadow Altar

The Midnight Gem appears to be many things to the public eye. A jeweler’s shop and a home for many kelvics as well a few isolationists. To the residents it is a safe haven to provide opportunities to make themselves stronger, either in the training room or in a field of study. Yet a secret is kept from all of these perspectives that only a select few know. That the Midnight Gem is a base for devote followers of Akajia, the goddess of the night, secrets, and shadows.

Under the staircase which descends into the training room in the basement, is a secret passage that enters a small inlet. It turns right and descends ten feet to an archway which opens up to the secret shrine room dedicated to Akajia. Only the Nightstalkers and select individuals with strong devotion to the goddess are aware of the room’s existence. The Shrine itself is a fifteen foot by fifteen foot by ten foot room with hardwood flooring.

Against the far wall lies an altar, above which a velvet black and midnight blue banner hangs embroidered with Akajia’s symbol of a New Moon and Triangle. On the altar rests a medium sized icon of the Night Mistress as well as a set of prayer beads. Across the altar’s stone surface is a shroud inscribed with runes to keep the altar hidden from unwanted attention. Spread out on the floor is a large prayer rug to provide comfort for those that kneel before the visage of the goddess of night. And beside the entrance is a wardrobe of higher quality with two sets of Akajia Robes hanging inside.

Often the room is dimly lit with a few candles to spawn seemingly countless shadows to swarm around the icon on the altar. A single torch rests on the left wall next to a painted drawing that hangs on the stone wall. The picture depicts a woman with long black and white ombre hair kneeling before the Night Mistress, whose hand is gently holding up the other woman’s chin. Along the bottom rim of the well-crafted frame, words are etched to describe the image above. Kelski Becoming Favored. No signature is visible on the drawing without the use of Auristics. With the magic one can see initials marked in the lower right corner in an ink-res hybrid material, KH.

Cost :
Medium Sized Icon 400gm
Banner 350gm
Prayer Rug 80gm
Akajia Robe x 2 70gm
Altar Shroud 50gm
Prayer Beads 50gm
Wardrobe, Fine 10gm
Total Cost: 1,010gm
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