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Postby Tatiam on December 4th, 2018, 1:52 am


So I'm thinking of coming back. I love writing, and role-playing, and it's been too long. I'm just a bit at a loss, and unsure where to go for answers.

Like, what happened for the past (IRL) 5 years? What year are we now, are all those closed areas closed for a reason? do we have a sort of "general history" place in here?

I've been browsing the forum for a bit and trying to figure out everything again, but I probably missed everything I was looking for haha. Mind you, I'm not necessarily looking for answers here, but rather where to go to find them. I know this used to be a pretty well organized RP place so I'm sure it is somewhere ^^

Thanks to everyone who reads this and passes by.
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Postby Vanguard on December 4th, 2018, 2:47 am

Hey Tatiam! Welcome back!

While I have not been around for the last five years, I can answer a few of your questions. A few years ago, the goddess of winter went AWOL and the climates are out of wack. The Vantha are openly hunted because of that. That's what I know for global news.

As for the cities being closed. Having all the cities open is too much work for the few members of staff that Mizahar currently has. So unless there is a Story Teller that has volunteered to run a city, the city will be closed.

I would recommend joining the Discord Chat (Link is available on the Home Page), if you have more questions. Lots of the members and most of the staff have a presence in Discord.
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