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Herein lies the realm of dreams, where dreamers who are scattered all over the world in the physical can come together in the mysterious world of dreams. Remember, unless one is a Dreamwalker, there is no control over dreams. Ever. Anything can happen, and by threading a dream, you are subject to whomever can walk dreams and the whims of Storytellers.


Postby Yomila on November 10th, 2020, 1:16 am

2nd of Fall 520 AV


She felt it again. The intensity of it, the terrifying weightlessness. It was happening again.

The agony hit her at once. The violence with which she was ripped away from her beloved home, torn and flung through the severed sky.



It felt like it was unending.

Then the world flipped. She was upside-down. Submerged.

She had never stopped falling. Never hit the water like she always had in these dreams. Like she had in reality. Here she kept sinking - rising? - as the water pressed hard against her, the depth and pressure immense.

The Ethaefal wanted to scream but she couldn't work her lungs, her mouth.

The water spun, all consuming, pulling at her. She was helpless. Caught in its grip, completely at the water's mercy.

The dark was powerful, impenetrable at the depths she found herself in. Gone was the moonlight. Gone was Leth. All that remained was this cold, nightmarish black. It pressed. It crushed. It consumed.

She shot her hands out and clawed uselessly at the water. Her mouth opened. It filled at once.


It filled with sand.

The blackness shifted savagely and light pierced her, brilliant, burning, and overwhelmingly bright. She spasmed involuntarily at the dramatic change. The inability to breath. Her body suspended in limbo before it lurched and found itself upon a beach. Her outstretched hands flexed through coarse grains of sand and still failed to find purchase.

She let out a muffled, pitiful sound.

Then, like the sea drawing off the beach, the sand pulled away. The roughness spilled over her, pouring away, slipping.. slipping.. spilling off her like a blanket. The dry, cottony feeling in her mouth vanished and the sand disappeared.

She curled up where she lay, too emotionally shattered to even begin to take stock of where she was, what she was feeling. Her body trembled. She clutched herself out of instinct, desperate and terrified, trying to protect herself from whatever might come next. Everything felt wrong. The weight of this place. The light. The way the ground felt beneath her shuddering body.

She willed it away with clenched teeth, white knuckles and a knotted brow.

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Postby Rohka on November 22nd, 2020, 3:04 am

Rohka stirred in sleep. Markham watched over the doctor soaking up remnants of a treatment while a nurse was cleaning up vomit.

“We shouldn’t be seeing much more, now that she’s managed to go down. The herbal concoction is strong enough to have her stay deep in dreamland for the night. Feel free to stay and watch over if you want, but our staff will check on her periodically.”

Markham nodded, trusting the professional’s advice. He took another glance at the Seeker, catching a twitch in her brow. A low groan coupled with her shifting body as a nurse readjusted the sheets surrounding her cold and mostly bare, pale skin. Harder than ever to watch, the Captain decided to leave, hoping that the removal of his own presence would let her sleep more peacefully. He thanked the doctor and made his way out of the room, leaving the Healing Centre to take care of his own crew.

Meanwhile, Rohka found herself in between vivid lucidity and murky memories. Flashes of her sister’s face when they were young, a bright marigold from their garden on the Lakeshore, a pair of fish caught to eat for dinner, it’s freshness so close to her being that she could almost reach out and taste it. The pictures faded almost as fast as they showed up, replacing themselves with long periods of dark and empty, deep sleep.

When the nurses left, Rohka silently slept in the room meant for her recovery. Though, in her mind, a slow burning light of a flame glowed brighter. She felt herself walking closer to it. Was she walking? No, it felt more like floating. She found herself wanting to submerge herself in it: the brightness of the warm, golden light that grew ever brighter, the nearer she drew. Like an intoxicating drink, she felt herself absorbing it all, wishing she could just see it clearer. Ever clearer.

It’s true. It’s here. It has to be here.

It frustrated her to still feel cold, knowing that the warmth of this light existed and she couldn’t make herself consume it all. She quickly decided to sink into its brightest depth, in hopes that she could finally get close to that true source.

Gods! The truth! It has to be here! Where have I gone wrong?

The attempt immediately pushed her through into a shifting vision of colour, the forms slowly creeping into view. There, laying crumpled on the ground was a woman she couldn’t recognize. Her hands tightly clenched, it looked like she too was trying to hold onto something. Something that used to be so close.

Though, her assumptions could be wrong. Rohka’s curiosity led her forward, though it was perhaps her desire to be near another mind that also pulled herself towards one who may know the ways of the area she found herself in. The seeker glided over the ground, crouching low to see the woman’s face. Rohka’s own deep orbs peered closer to notice her features. She was immediately in awe of a beauty, a smile gently growing on her own lips without her knowledge.

“Are you okay?” she asked, curiously. “Can you stand? Do you know where you are?”

A drop of water landed on Rohka’s nose. She looked up, noting the dark sky, yet something held the area lit with enough light to see their forms. She could see something akin to clouds, and something glittering suddenly, as if there were stars above that decided to turn on out of the deep blue-greys up above.

Again, a droplet, on her cheek.

“I think it might rain,” she said, reaching out a hand. “We should find shelter. Don’t want to catch a cold out here.”

Rohka waited, hoping the invitation would allow them to find a place to figure it all out.
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