Sunberth Request Thread

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Sunberth Request Thread

Postby Anomaly on May 5th, 2022, 2:27 am


Grade Requests:

  • Must be in Sunberth
  • Must be no larger than 5 pages. Break them into multiple threads if they are.
  • Only one grade request per post.
  • Graders and Storytellers reserve the right to skip your grade request if the font/color is too harsh or too dark to read in either the actual thread or the request.
  • Feel free to note what you'd like awarded but understand we do not have to give those skills.
  • Please have your CS current and your ledger up to date.
    Note anything that might effect your grades (Maxed skills/Mastery of Teaching, etc)

Jobs/Business Requests:

  • All jobs must be arranged for here.
  • All businesses must have an approved business plan from the business plan forum.
  • Jobs and businesses are heavily encouraged. If your pc doesn't have a way to sustain themself, it is highly recommended that you work with me on a way to do so.
  • I will gladly pay wages at any time you complete your job requirement threads.
  • Job threads consist of two threads of at least 2,500 words total. You can write more words or threads than that, of course, but the 5,000 word minimum is required to earn a wage.
  • Once job threads are completed (they don't have to be graded) turn them in for wages in this thread.

Moderation Requests:

  • Need me to moderate something? Just let me know in a quick blurb. I'll try to post it ASAP.
  • Feel free to PM me that you have requested moderation. This thread might spam.

Location Requests:

  • Please let me know if a location is needed.

NPC Requests:

If you have an idea for an NPC that you would like to use regularly in your threads feel free to request it here using the template below. Please also include an image with your submission.

Additional Info:

Info On NPC's Backstory Here

Code: Select all
    [b]Additional Info:[/b]

    Info On NPC's Backstory Here[/box]

Thank you for your submissions!

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Sunberth Request Thread

Postby Wrenlo Gravence on September 24th, 2022, 3:18 pm

The Reversed Rhysol is awaiting grade.
No quarrels on skills/xp, will be happy with whatever is decided.
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