The Personal Journal of Albert Jacob Anthony Xavier

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Feel free to start IC Journaling in this forum. Each character is allowed threads here where they can store notes they learn IC, facts, or even talk about their feelings and inner thoughts. Journals don't need to be in written form, they be anything you as a player thinks suits the personality of the Characte.r

The Personal Journal of Albert Jacob Anthony Xavier

Postby Albert J A Xavier on January 29th, 2012, 6:29 pm

"70th Day of Winter, Year 511 AV.
From the private journal of Albert Jacob Anthony Xavier.
First day away from Alvadas since the accident. My leg still pains me when I think about what happened at the Watchtower, but not as much as it used too. Perhaps I'll find a Marked Healer and see if they can help me. If not, then I'll grow to live with it.

On a professional note, I am heading into The Unforgiving to see if the rumours I heard of pre-Valterrian ruins are true. If they are, this should give me the chance to learn something about the people who lived here before the world fell apart under the Gods War. The only trouble I can forsee is running into yukmen in the mountains. With my limp, I may fall prey to these foes, though Almech and Eridanus are formidable fighters in their own rights.

If I am extremely unlucky, I may even run into a Journeyman, seeking the same knowledge I do. If that happens, I am afraid that, even with the help of trained fighters, I will not return to Alvadas. That in mind, I plan on letting my pony travel some distance behind my group, with the journal in his saddlebag, just in case I fall prey to the dangers of this area."

Went digging in The Unforgiving. Had Eri and Almech with me, for protection, just in case.
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