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Celeste Arumen

Postby Celeste Arumen on January 13th, 2013, 1:50 am

Celeste Arumen


"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." ― Oscar Wilde


Race: Human
Gender: Female but sometimes male, given the situation
Age: 16
Birthday: 21st Day of Spring, 499 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas, City of Illusion
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117 lbs

Profession: Apprentice of Sahova, Initiate of the Prairie
Current Housing: Unknown

Fluent: Common
Basic: Nari
Poor: Fravata


Celeste has grown into a lissome young woman from the young, pre-adolescent girl she'd once been. She is chiefly recognized by her bright, colorful and ever-changing presentation. From one moment to the next, Celeste may begin to alter her physical body as morphing is as part of her identity as breathing. Unless she is intentionally disguised or working to learn a new model, Celeste has several recognizable forms but primarily is the closest approximation to her own self. Her djed has been stretched beyond recognition, therefore it has taken some imagination to piece her own identity together.

Ordinarily she stands at average height with hair and eye colors of varying styles and hues, depending on her whim. Her physical body is supple and graceful, hearty enough to withstand the rigors of travel and matured from the passage of time. Her clothes are usually colorful and she has an eye for aesthetic, though she still maintains her fondness for nudity above all else. Celeste prefers robes, skirts and dresses when in polite company and prefers her own eccentric style. The resulting impression can be striking.

Alternatively she goes by the alter-ego 'Chroma,' who is chiefly male. Necessity is the mother of invention and in anticipation of living amongst the Symenestra, she altered her 'urchin boy' model here and there, resulting in what is for all intents and purposes her secondary identity. When in this disguse, he is spare and angular with a shock of colored hair, sporting whatever other augmentations suit him on the given day.


Celeste is warm and approachable. She has a self-effacing, good natured humor that can diffuse the tension from any situation and knows how to make light of just about anything. She is vivid and fun-loving which is very appropriate given her appearance. In her interactions, she works to endear herself to whomever is on the receiving end and is capable of providing great insight into a problem. When engaged with others, she is often capable of finding the highest and best solution.

This is because she is chiefly concerned with possibilities. Celeste searches for patterns and relationships between facts and experiences and tries to evaluate between these things which is the best course of action. Her intuition is present rather than reflective in that it deals with objective data rather than her subjective experience of it. She looks at something and sees all that it is and all that it could be in the present moment, whether it be in the abstract or concrete. This means she is all too aware of the vast spectrum of ethics and deals well the themes of choice and consequence.

Celeste is very young and at the same time, very old. Thanks to her experiences in Alvadas and Sahova she is altogether too aware of the baser sides of sentient life. The combination of her youthful optimism tempered by the cold grasp of rationality results in a puckish rogue, a idealist and cynic in equal measure whose ambitions are to gain power for its own sake, to actively influence and shape the world over time in a positive way.

Her goals are often times, unclear. Celeste has a blind enthusiasm for change and almost relies on it, knowing that despite her powerful intuition she may not be able to predict the opportunities life grants her before they present themselves. Her style, whether morphing or maneuvering politically is largely improvisational and she uses a combination of wit and charm to wing her way through most challenges. As evidenced as her encounter with Amaryllis, this approach can ultimately backfire and knock her off balance.

Celeste does not believe in ethical or epistemological absolutes. She believes that needs are what drives a person to interpret the world and that each set of needs may differ, hence the difference in subjective experiences. Because she sees many possibilities all at once, she is able to step into a person's shoes in a literal sense and experience their "truth." This is what draws her to worship Ionu. Illusion is merely reality through expression. Celeste is able to convey her ideals through the manipulation of reality and the ability to intimately alter a person's subjective experience. Illusions and morphing grant her the power to step into a person's perspective in a tangible way and enact meaningful change, as evidenced by her encounter with Annalisa and the slave.

The definitive factor of Celeste are her ideals, which have been developed in quiet contemplation. She has chosen to take a stand on defending what she considers to be the virtues of the world; authenticity, expression and interpersonal connection. Despite being open to other experiences, she chooses to advocate intrinsic value and uses her ability to bring others happiness, which she considers to be instrumental in the purpose of all sentient experience.

All in all, the result is a vivacious and free-thinking young wizard who embraces possibility with a open attitude and is constantly seeking to innovate and enact change through the very manipulation of her own existence.


In the Past

Celeste has undergone much in her short life. She was born in Alvadas and trained by her Grandmother, an engimatic old crone who one day simply vanished, along with the house they both lived in. Celeste spent her days wandering the streets in various shapes and identities and stealing to get by. It was only after her encounters with Kit Rowan and subsequent association to her street gang that she gathered the resources and the courage she needed to make the trip to Sahova.

In Sahova, she auditioned to become a Wizard and failed her initiation. She was nearly taken and enslaved until Riyanna, Wizard and Warden of the Prairie chose to take her on as both initiate and apprentice; her spiritual successor. And so it began that she lived in the Testing Ground and in the Citadel both, practicing her arcane and combat skills both in and out of the lab. She grew quickly as a morpher, learning and improving new models and memorizing Riyanna's systems. Along the way, she made a friend; a familiar by the name of Illia. But in her haste to climb the ladder, she attempted to ingratiate herself to Amaryllis as a bid for power and by mistake, became her pawn instead. She was sent on a mission with her rival, Annalisa Marin into the Heartlands, where she would surely meet with death.

In an attemption to save her life, Riyanna forced Celeste into the a life-or-death training exercise. She must spend days in the Pit, an unstable field of energy that manipulated the djed of anyone or anything within it. It stopped her heart entirely once and very nearly twice, but upon the end of the exercise she was stronger than ever before, able to manipulate her appearance easily and effortlessly.

It was shortly into her foray into the Heartlands itself that upon a fork in the road, she was hypnotically compelled to walk into the darkness, never to be seen again.

In the Present

Somewhere in the Unforgiving she is waking to find the world a very different place...



Celeste is a faithful of Ionu. Being a Morpher, she has always believed in the magic of possibility and has lived embracing life to the fullest extent. At current, she is always shifting, though her magic isn't quite enough to do so seamlessly. But rather, her color, her voice, the structure of her face, it often changes on a whim. She is wholly dedicated to embodying the potential for change and actively works toward this end in Sahova. Celeste believes that through the power of Ionu, she can enact meaningful change in the world.
Ilusionism, 1 mark
(HD approved)

Gnosis Story :
The Festival of Illusion 13th Day of Spring, 507 AV

Her amber eyes peered into the distance, scanning the horizon. Celeste had gone climbing again despite the protests of her Grandmother. She sat atop the roof of their house, shuffling her feet against the shingles. It was the next to last day of the Festival of Illusion and furthermore, a week until her birthday. For that reason, spring always brought her unique joy. Alvadas had a way of sprouting whole orchards here and there, thick pollen shimmering in the sunlight. Other times it was a horror, where the streets turned molten and houses abruptly lost their doors. Yet she looked upon each happening with wide-eyed wonder. This was the only place she’d ever known, and each event was grander than the last. It was all thanks to Ionu, her Grandma had said. He was the God of Illusions, keeping Alvadas safe within the web of their topsy-turvy land.

Celeste was as grateful as a six year old could be. Unable to contain a growing listlessness, she clambered down the crooked drainage pipe and back to the house’s front. Their dwelling was a two-story block with a merry little chimney erupting out the side. On some days it seemed crooked and on other days it stood stock straight. This was a crooked day. There was a small plot of soil to the right where any number of plants grew. No matter what seeds they would sow, the budding plants were always something different. It was a mass of pumpkins and cucumbers and other nonsensical combinations. Nothing had ever been normal, not once in the little mage’s life. Normal was the streets bending sideways or water running up. Anything else was an absurdity.

The wizened old matriarch, affectionately dubbed “grandma” stood waiting for her, faintly amused. ”Easy, child.” She laughed lightly. ”Where are you off to?” Celeste bounced on her heels. ”I’m not sure,” she began. The day was new and she’d yet to head into the city proper. It was just a short ways to the Bizarre. The vendors hawked special wares for the holiday and she liked to browse. Of course, a six year-old girl had no money. But Cellie had a special way of getting around. ”I think I’ll go to the market,” she began, shifting in her dark linen uncomfortably.

”Remember what I taught you.” The old woman gave a gap-toothed smile. She threw off the dress in one fell swoop! Celeste nodded vigorously, focusing on the image in her mind. It was astounding but the little girl began to change, her legs shuddering and bending out of place. Her whole body began to restructure. Her torso lengthened and her skin began to sprout brindled fur, the spotted coloration bursting forth in tufts. She doubled over onto her palms, shaking until before long, her whole begin resembled a mangy, streetwalking dog. The canine panted merrily, its lolling tongue salivating outside of its mouth.

”You forgot your eyes, dear.” The crone said with a giggle. The dog barked in assent, off-putting human eyes shuddering into a more canine pair. Morphing was something she’d gotten very good at over the years, having been started at a very young age. The spotted mutt shook out its coat before stretching and bounding off, tearing clods of dust off the road. Grandma waved before turning back to her garden, more concerned with a difficult patch of moss that’d taken up residence on her begonias.

The beast bounded around street corners, jumping over holes opening before it. Fallng into pits was always a particularly unpleasant experience. You never knew what was in there and little girls always seemed a particular delicacy. But Cellie was smart. She knew how to get around as a dog. She’d always wanted to be a cat but that would take a lot more practice. Still, dogs were fun because they ran fast and no one seemed to mind them. As long as she wasn’t underfoot, a dog was too big to eat and too fast to catch. That was the only problem with cats. Being a cat meant you could end up in a stew before the day’s end.

The Bizarre bustled with the influx of foreign traders, the building filled to bursting with stands. Being a dog made browsing difficult – putting your paws on the merchandise guaranteed a hiding. Still, there were clever ways to do it. She’d wait until the clerk helped a customer and nab some delicate looking gold chain, dragging it off to investigate further. Normally they’d be more observant about dog-thieves, but there were simply too many people to keep track of. Celeste avoided the heavy policed areas and strode toward the endless end, admiring objects and fogging large mirrors with her heavy breath.

The crowd began to thin toward the back and it was no longer possible for her to remain unnoticed. One man in particular gave her a hard stare, readying to shoo her away. Celeste huffed and trotted back toward the entrance. It’d been a fun little look around but there were other paths to walk and it was barely afternoon. She moved out of the open warehouse, bounding between a woman’s legs. The lady shrieked and she let out a barking laugh, sprinting off onto the streets.

Her form was decently made, enough that the average individual would not suspect she was a little girl. At times she made the tail too short, which posed a very large balance issue most people took for granted. Dogs really needed their tails. But today she did really well, having mirrored her old friend Daisy. The mutt had passed away years earlier, but she carried the memory in her heart. The little girl missed her friend and how they’d run through the humid summer streets.

As she trotted along, she noticed a recent addition to one of the street corners. A weatherbeaten man had taken up residence off and on at this warbling cross section, always seated upon something new. Sometimes it was a pillow and other times, a wooden block. He chewed some plant that stained his teeth green and held a pewter mug that he rattled noisily at passerby. This type of person was typical of the city, for they had many odd beggars. But something didn’t seem right about him. Celeste was completely unafraid. As she trotted by, he rattled the mug at her. The dog stopped and turned as the human within puzzled. She was a filthy animal. What could she have to give?

It was hard to really say how she knew, except that children have unique intuition. The dog wheeled to face the stranger and yelped loudly, to say: ”It’s you!” The man’s eyes widened and with a start he was off his little perch and bounding down the street, cackling madly. Now both a dog and a girl will never pass up a chase, especially one with Ionu. So naturally the creature took off after, with the speed only a quadraped could maintain.

He laughed in a creaking, wheezing voice as he scaled the pipe of a nearby building. There was no way she could morph that fast! Using a bit of ingenuity, she began to tear at the object’s base with her powerful jaws. Once the drainage pipe of her own house had cracked when she was climbing it, and she came crashing down. Managing to sap its base support, the thing keeled over in defeat and the old man hit the ground in a roll.

He sprang to his feet, clearly amused. Again he took off, though this time she was hot on his heels. They skidded around corners and jumped over pits. As she began to nip at his calves he made comedic little noises like “ooh!” and “ah!” Eventually it seemed he was setting the maze himself, summoning the illusions. Just further evidence she was right! After all, what smelly old beggar spoke dog? Soon they were in an unfamiliar part of the city or so it seemed. The shadows grew longer and as they rounded another corner – he was gone!

Anguished the dog tipped its snout back, ready to loose a howl. Yet as she looked up, there he was! A tree that hadn’t been there before (though no tree stayed in the same place) towered overhead and he hung from a low branch, eyes twinkling with mirth. She had him treed. With a triumphant whoop, she howled indeed. This time it was for success! The hermit dropped with unknowable agility to his feet, smiling his moldy smile.

The dog began to shift back, her body trembling and reshaping in a laborious and awkward way. Turning back was harder when she was excited. The man waited patiently, watching with undisguised amusement. After a couple of minutes, an unclad little girl stood giggling and pointing at the old fellow. Having a degree of modesty, he removed his smelly old cloak and handed it to her, all riddled with holes. She donned it gladly. ”I found you!” She said, dancing from foot to foot. He cackled once more, stepping forward.

”You did indeed,” he wheezed. ”Who am I?” Celeste beamed. ”Ionu!” She cried in youthful exuberance. The man clapped his hands together. ”Excellent!” His voice was like a frog’s croak or the squeak of a rusty hinge. ”Since you’re such a clever little girl, let me show you a trick.” He stepped to her, his hand darting forward and reaching just beneath her ear. The contact elicited a strange tingling and suddenly her mind felt incredibly sharp. His hand withdrew, holding a gleaming sapphire. It looked just like the real thing! Involuntarily, she reached out to take it and he wheezed.

”Until next time, little dog!” He said, snatching it out of her reach. In an instant he blinked away, seemingly gone invisible! But from then on, Celeste knew something was different and when she finally peered at her own reflection… A tiny purple triangle stood behind that ear, only it was upside down. What a peculiar shape. Had it always been there? It was a mark of some kind and so she readied to run home in the mercy of the shadows, naked save for a holey old cloak, the power of Ionu newly behind her ear.



Skill Experience Total Rank
Unarmed +5 XP 5 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Running +2 XP 2 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Investigation +7 XP 7 Novice
Philosophy +5 XP 5 Novice
Observation +8 XP 8 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Rhetoric +14 XP 14 Novice
Storytelling +1 XP 1 Novice
Subterfuge +1 XP 1 Novice
Socialization +7 XP 7 Novice
Persuasion +6 XP 6 Novice
Negotiation +5 XP 5 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Philtering 10 SP + 15 RB + 6 XP 31 Competent
Botany +4 XP 4 Novice
Gardening +3 XP 3 Novice
Poison +3 XP 3 Novice
Writing +8 XP 8 Novice
Drawing +1 XP 1 Novice
Politics +7 XP 7 Novice

Skill Experience Total Rank
Morphing 30 SP + 28 XP + 2 SXP 60 Expert
Auristics +3 XP 3 Novice
Hypnotism 5 SP + 1 XP 6 Novice
Reimancy 5 SP + 2 XP 7 Novice
Familiary +5 XP 5 Novice

Legend :
RB - Racial Bonus
SP - Starting Package
XP - Experience (see Thread List to verify)
SXP - Seasonal Experience (see Storyteller Secrets to verify)


Judgement: Failed
Lore of Self: Apprenticed to Riyanna
Lore of Self: Initiate to Riyanna
Crafting a Poultice with Grams
Lore of Self: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Lore of Self: Sahova is Where I Belong
Illia: A New Avavali Familiar
Illia: A Bit Aloof
Illia: A Real Air Head
Lore of Self: An End of Happiness
The Secret to Sahova: Use it as it Uses You?
Boundaries of the Prairie
Prairie Initiates: Brom and Tierra
Riyana: Warden of the Prairie
Tierra: Eypharians Have Multiple Arms
Tierra: Knows Medicine
Prairie Warden: Calls for Safety
Prairie Warden: Calls for Summons
Riyanna: Sees Celeste as Family
The Wardens: Their True Purpose
Elsene: Pseudo Apprenticeship
Politics: The Game of Nuits
Politics: Discontent between the Dalafurgu and Venenium
Wardens: The History of the Wardens
Wardens: Specific Magics of Each Warden
Amaryllis: A New Contact
Amaryllis: A Warning of Silence
Brom's Warning: Ghosts Attract 'Things'
Heartlands: No One Ever Returns
Riyanna: Lost Initiates to the Heartland
Riyanna's Fury
The Pit: Where the Real Training Begins
Riyanna: Thinks Illia is Cute!
Mystery Wizard: Future Opportunities?
The Pit: A Lethal Friend?
The Pit: Redirecting the Morph
Wizard Exams: Morphing for Infiltration?
Brom: Not Good With Emotions
Morphing: Dog Model
Morphing: Lynx Model
Morphing: Street Urchin (male)
Morphing: Tiger Model
Morphing: Adjusting Mass
Morphing: Morphing while Moving
Morphing: Dog Model Size Increase
Morphing: Release the Beast
Morphing: Combat in Wolf Form
Morphing: Expanding Size
Morphing: Overgiving Means Losing Elasticity
Morphing: Don't Fight The Change
Morphing: Forgetting Oneself
Morphing: New Celeste Model
Morphing: Playing with Hair
Morphing: Finding your Signature
Morphing: Don't forget to fill out the hips!
Summoning: Opening Gates to Other Worlds
Summoning: Require Astral Coordinates
Summoning: Where Familiars Come From
Pascid: So Full of Themselves
Pascid: Living Quicksilver
Kirt: Living Statues
Kirt: Cunning and Deceitful
Summoning: Opening Doors to Other Worlds
Summoning: The Process of Finding a Familiar
Familiary: A Process of Interviews
Avavali: Living Air
Auristics: Theory
Auristics: Everything has an Aura
Auristics: Beginner Aurists Use Gestures
Auristics: Consequences
Auristics: Hearing a Flower Sing
Auristics: Kit's Aura
Auristics: Complexity of Human Aura vs Plant Aura
Reimancy: Multiple Uses of Air
Reimancy: Consequences
Reimancy: Transmutation vs Attraction
Familiary: Winter Air Impedes Avavali Movement
Familiary: Teaching Your Familiar About Death

Annalisa Marin: A Reimancer
Annalisa Marin: Apprentice to Amaryllis
Annalisa Marin: On the Knife's Edge
Annalisa Marin: A New Friend?
Kit: Reimancer and Aurist
Kit: Father Dead and Mother Gone
Fubuki: A Ghost
Fubuki: Nasty Run in with Wanda
Fubuki: A New Contact, a New Friend?

Tulja Poultice
"Jellyfish Piss"
Philtering: Basic Techniques
Philtering: Chocolate-Rose Perfume Recipe
Gardening: Leafmould, its creation, and its uses
Gardening: Organic matter's use in improving soil quality
Gardening: Creating a self-regulating ecosystem
Poison: Methods by which a plant poisons and examples of Poisonous plants
Botany: Identification and examples of edible plants.
Writing: Recording Accurate Accounts

Botany: Ewela Flowers, alternate names, origin, and poisonous properties
Botany: Redongo plant and its hallucigenic red capsules
Botany: Quixa orchid - use in disguising taste and scent in a philter or remedy.

Noktal: Eat Dead Experiments
Failbeast: Failed Experiments
Lore of Hel'atian Origins
Hel'atian: Found in Heartlands

Alvadas: Lore of The Womiyu
Sahova: Playing the Game
Sahova: Wizard Ranks
Lector Qiao: Defacto Leader of Sahova
Zarik Mashaen: Archwizard of Sahova
Identities of the Council of Five
Sahova: Something Happened to put Qiao into authority
Summoning Lab: Gug Adjak 9-A
Servin: A Bit Eccentric
Eris: A Kirt
Religion: Lore of Ionu

Grave Points
Fall, 513 :
+2 (New NPC Contact, Making Connections)
+5 (New PC Contact, Adolescence)

Winter, 513 :
Total Grave Points: 9



ImageHeight 22.5"
Weight 45 lbs
Attributes Muscular, graceful, agile

Celeste learned this model through befriending a mutt named Daisy. As a child, she would often follow the dog around and in the process of learning to morph, she would sit for hours trying to copy her attributes. After a while, she was able to successfully replicate the form, allowing her to adopt it as a clever disguise.

Male Urchin
ImageHeight 5'4"
Weight 112 lbs
Attributes Mangy, dirty, helpless

Celeste picked this model up from lurking in the Bizarre of Alvadas. She would make adjustments to herself while watching people go by, tweaking her features here and there, until she was completely beyond recognition. Thanks to days upon days of this, she was able to create an actual model, which she often used as her alter-ego of sorts.

ImageHeight 27.5"
Weight 44 lbs
Attributes Deft, solitary, vocal

After working with Riyanna, the girl picked this model up through trial and error. She often uses the lynx when on patrol in the Prairie, as it is best for sighting prey. It also has a very distinctive call that she has worked to master and with it, she is able to reach her fellow initiates over long distances.

ImageHeight 39.5"
Weight 330 lbs
Attributes Powerful, graceful, nocturnal

This massive model was learned in later seasons as Celeste continued to advance in the artform. She uses it primarily for battle, leaping great distances to topple and take down prey. It is most effective in battle and the mage works actively to modify it, growing larger and more ferocious as the situation may demand.



    All equipment was lost in the quest Into the Heart of Kierra Doma.


Illia is Celeste's Avavali familiar, earned here. With time, Illia has matured considerably in much the same way Celeste has. She is still spirited and optimistic, but lacks the overwhelming level of zeal she had in previous years. Her small voice is still cheerful and encouraging. She is always able to point out the best in any given bad situation, which Celeste finds reassuring and they have a healthy relationship of give and take.

Name Credit Debit Total
Starting Package +100 GM - 100 GM
Housing (Cash) +500 GM - 600 GM
Arcane Robe - -55 GM 545 GM
Vial of Ink - -2 GM 543 GM
Quill - -5 CM 542 GM, 9 SM, 95 CM
Parchment (10) - -2 GM 540 GM, 9 SM, 95 CM
Book, Blank - -3 GM 537 GM, 9 SM, 95 CM

DISCLAIMER: Living expense was paid for by Sahova from Summer 513 to Winter 513 during the time of Celeste's activity. PM Mirage with any questions.


Tales to Tell

Winter 515
Winter 513

Fall 513

Summer 513

    Healing Hands
    (finished; +1 morphing, +2 philtering)
    Escape Artists
    (graded; +1 morphing, +2 observation, +1 unarmed, +1 subterfuge, +1 storytelling, +2 negotiation, +1 hypnotism, +1 reimancy, +3 socialization)
    The Mysterious Remedy
    An Exchange of the Arts
    (graded; +5 teaching, +1 morphing, +2 auristics, +1 reimancy, +3 philosophy, +3 socialization)

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