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Postby Jessamine Valenti on February 15th, 2013, 1:22 pm

I'm Saara, 18, a full-time dreamer from Finland. I've always had a love for fantasy and fiction and all things escapism. As a child I wanted to be a dragon rider, but then the world happened and I became an art student instead. I think it's a good result, as it is quite the same thing in the end - I can be as fanciful as I wish, and get paid!

The thought of learning to write has been fermenting in my mind for some while already. For one, I have a little dream of writing and illustrating my own comic book. The problem is that I've never actually written anything before, other than the occasional essays for school. I've been lurking around RP forums for years now, but never had the courage to join or the willingness to commit. I think my little fawn legs might be strong enough to try now, though.

Characters are my favourite part in literature, so creating my own seems like a fun challenge. I've always been attracted to characters who are ugly, imperfect and make mistakes. It's all the more interesting when the world unfairly throws crap at them and tells them to deal with it, and in their struggle they just make the situation worse. That's why the magic system here seems pretty attractive to me. I have a couple ideas for a character I might want to play here, but for now I'll go with the name Heart as she's one of the characters I'm more interested in.

But, here we go. Hi hi!
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Postby Bethsyliss on February 15th, 2013, 1:39 pm

Fun times ahead of you Saara! I think if you had the impulse to sign up then there is no doubt your legs are strong enough for some RP. I'm Syliss from Ahnatep in Eyktol and I'm new here too. This place is a blast and the community is wonderful. I can't wait to meet your character in game. See you around!

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Postby Ka'Rael on February 15th, 2013, 2:33 pm

Hey there, fellow Scandinavian! Dragon rider sounds pretty awesome, especially in a Dragon Lance-esque manner - but hey, you can at least be something like that here :D
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Postby Korvathi on February 15th, 2013, 11:13 pm

Hey Heart, welcome to the community! I've only been here for a few days myself and never had the courage to start Forum Role-play as well, but I am sure glad that I decided to give Mizahar a try, the community is great and has greeted me with open arms and with all the enthusiasm and friendship that I needed to know that this would a great place to join. :) Hope you enjoy everything just as I have, look forward to bumping into your character in the future, she sounds like an awesome idea for one.

Best of luck!
-Korvathi, the Lonely Huntsman
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Postby Kiran Pelyna on February 16th, 2013, 8:30 pm

Hello, and welcome to Mizahar!

I'm glad that Mizahar seemed to pull you out of your shell! If you have any questions don't be shy and pop into chat, people there will help you out with any problems you might have. Although it's usually a good idea to read the lore first, chances are any questions you might have will be answered there. Read all the lore you can find, you never know what you might need to know. If you're too shy for chat and you've already read all the lore you can PM a mod! (They're anyone with their names in any color not orange or grey) they won't have a problem answering your questions! But people with yellow, green or purple names might be able to get back to you a bit quicker.

Good luck making your character sheet and I hope to see you around sometime and to roleplay with you!


Okay guys sorry I've been off for awhile, real life has this way of sneaking up on you. I'm not going to elaborate on what's going on in my life cause that's my business but know that I've got a lot on my plate and I had to take a step back from Mizahar. I'll being posting sporadically and I'm sorry. I'll get on when can.
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