[Tatiam's Scrapbook] Silly soliloquy

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[Tatiam's Scrapbook] Silly soliloquy

Postby Tatiam on July 9th, 2014, 1:20 am

It's funny how much you lose yourself when people carry you out... It's a whole different thing, this life... Fears change. Worries, thoughts, becoming together,... It doesn't let you appreciate the truth, this real feeling of a lone, single person. You've never changed, yet your caring is shared for a moment, and when you lose it, you become glass and shatter within the slightest hurt or hit.

I hate it. I hate caring. I hate how lonelier than simply being alone, it makes you. There's nothing worse than having the world turning its back at you while your whole heart is there, open and bleeding for it. Screw this shit.

I was never meant for feelings. I was never meant to be around people. When the hell did I let myself be tricked out of this truth? Why... Why did I choose to forget, or ignore it? Why did I choose to hope again?

Once again, a painting I made, so beautiful and hopeful got destroyed and stained by the reality and harshness of life. I'm such a stupid dreamer.
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