Questions: Everything

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Questions: Everything

Postby Ronan Dugal on June 27th, 2013, 2:48 am

I was wondering how one could learn about the lost disciplines. I noticed one of those disciplines has been found by a PC in a huge Modded thread by Tarot. I just wanted to know how I should go about learning or finding information about these lost disciplines. I'm mostly interested in Unity.

Do I just PM an ST and request them do a modded thread for my character to learn their first XP in that particular magic?
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Questions: Everything

Postby Mirage on June 27th, 2013, 12:17 pm

Lost diciplines are not like other magics. In most cases we ST's have to talk to Founders and find out if we CAN teach it to players in modded threads. There is only one I know of that is starting to be circulated, and that is Architectrix. The rest from what I understand are truly lost and are only known by a very select few. If you are looking to get Archetectrix your best bet is to PM your DS and see if it is available to learn somewhere in your city, for the other two it is most likely that you cannot get them unless it is through some large quest by one of the founders (Or something else elaborate).

Oh and just a small tip, if you have any further questions make a new thread and make the title something about your question. Otherwise you might not get your future questions answered at all. Good luck!

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