Holy Crap! He's here!

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Holy Crap! He's here!

Postby Alyxandyr Finn on March 25th, 2013, 2:25 am

Hey. So, I used to RP on the same boards as everyone who founded this game...I'm considering getting back into it. At the time I didn't have any free time. I have a little bit here and there now, and am curious to give this game a try once again. I'm not sure if I should start over completely, or try and fill in the gaps on this character now....but what I DO know is that Mizahar has changed DRAMATICALLY since it's founding...

Anyone remember me?
Apologies to those I am currently Threading with. Threading may come slowly, because my muse for Miza has recently been strangled by some of the staff. Please bare with me, I don't plan on leaving...I just don't have a lot of stomach for the game at the moment, so I have to move slowly.
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Holy Crap! He's here!

Postby Svasra on March 25th, 2013, 5:40 pm


Welcome back!!! I am very new, so unfortunately I wouldn't have been one of the ones you would have RPed with back when you came here, but I hope you start up again all the same!

Though starting over is a fresh new slate, and such, growing a character you might already feel partial to is lots of fun! Best of luck with your decision and hope to see you around the boards soon. C:

Happy writing,
~ Svasra
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