Avii's Going Away!

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Avii's Going Away!

Postby Avii on May 22nd, 2013, 11:40 pm

For a while I will be in-active. I am planning on going on a very long vacation near the end of school, which is in a couple of weeks. You might be wondering why I would be writing this two weeks prior. School is the reason. I am trying to get my grades up in many different subjects and to do that, my parents suggested to not play on the computer as much and to study more.

After school is over, I will be travelling half way across the world to a nice tropical place where I will spend a month or so relaxing and enjoying the scenes.

I will come back approximately somewhere around mid-July or so, but no promises! So if you see me not replying to you (which I hope I haven't left anyone hanging) you will know what has happened to Avii.

Enjoy yourselves this summer and have a good ending week of school!

Lots of love,

Warning!! I will be out of country for a few weeks-months for a long vacation. Sorry about this delayed update, but I will be in-active, for I won't have internet often to where I am going. Sorry about that, and I hope to be back soon! Have a good summer and see you all soon!
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