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Postby Endir Vuras on July 3rd, 2013, 8:03 am

Hi everyone, I'm Endir and I'm looking very much forward to my journey in here!

Normally I'm a lot more creative, but for the life of me, I have no idea what else I can say. :c

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Endir Vuras
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Postby Draven on July 3rd, 2013, 10:36 am

* waves at Endir *


... * awkward silence * ... Uhum -

Anyways, Endir, awesome of you to join Mizahar; you'll have lots of fun here, ... I guarentee it |:)

If you need some help getting started I'd check the Starting Guide and Starting Package pages on the wiki. Also, on top of the Mizahar banner, you'll find some tremendously useful links ( and all sorts of helpful lists ! )

For questions you might have, I'd advise you to
1) Try finding the answer yourself ;) (on the very extensive wiki page)
2) Check out the Questions and Answers subsection of the forum.
3) Ask someone in general
4) Try asking a ST
5) Contact the Help Desk

If you need any help, feel free to PM me ( <- Newbie, but has spend quite some time lore-stalking the wiki ;) ... instead of posting actual threads :( )

... One more thing, if you have trouble finding threading partners I suggest using the Character Matchmaking subsection of our forum ;)

Wish you TONS and TONS of fun on Mizahar!
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Postby Shausha on July 3rd, 2013, 4:52 pm


In addition to all the links Draven provided, your welcome PM has a bunch of useful tips also. The "chat" feature is up at the top, too if you have any quick questions the general public could answer.

My personal suggestion for getting used to Miz is to take time to examine each city's forum. There are high population forums and others that are more close-knit. Find a city that will match your taste both OOC and IC!

Cant think of anything else to say...


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