Kohan greets you.

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Kohan greets you.

Postby Kohan Treeshadow on July 23rd, 2013, 6:59 pm

Hello everyone, nice to meet you.

My PC is called Kohan, so feel free to call me by that name.
Before I moved to Nigeria I used to do quiet a lot of table top roleplay as well as some LARP ( vampire the masquerade, d&d, warhammer,etc.) Unfortunatly over here there isn't really a rp community, this is why I started searching the web and found Mizahar.
My expirience with writer's rpg is as good as none existing and as u might notice, English is not my first language. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to adventure and live in Mizahar. The only things that will keep me from posting a gazillion post per day are the fact that I work really really really long hours, that I'm working from a tablet and that a good internet connection is kind of a luxury over here.
Right, that's about it for my introduction, I'm off to create my CS.

Cheers, Kohan
Kohan Treeshadow
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Kohan greets you.

Postby Khida on July 23rd, 2013, 9:17 pm

Hello, Kohan, and welcome! Always glad to see another Drykas. :)

There are a lot of people here who have no prior forum-RP experience, and a good number who don't have English as their first language. So don't worry on those scores! As long as you read the lore and put a reasonable amount of effort into posts, you'll do fine.

If you have any questions about Mizahar/character creation, Cyphrus, or the Drykas, please feel free to drop me a PM; I'd be happy to help you get settled in.
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