Greeting Mizahar

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Greeting Mizahar

Postby Tereina Elwy on August 15th, 2013, 9:17 pm

Hi all! My name is Lisa and I'm very excited to join you!

I've played a little Pathfinder(basically D&D) over Skype, but I'm not very experienced with roleplaying. I recently became interested in roleplaying and creative writing and looked up places online where I could do those with other people. Google said Mizahar is the best place to roleplay, so here I am! I like to tell stories about characters that have reason to travel widely to explore new things and also grow through helping others on their journeys and quests. So far Mizahar seems like a great place to meet people, roleplay, and maybe get a little better at writing. It's a large and daunting place, but I think I'm figuring things out. I'm about done putting together a character sheet and will post it soon. My character is an Inarta named Tereina Elwy. There will be plenty of info about her on my CS!

P.S. This is my first time making a banner signature and I haven't actually been able to look at it yet. So it's probably atrocious....
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