Greetings from young Max (and his writer!)

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Greetings from young Max (and his writer!)

Postby Maximilian on August 27th, 2013, 4:27 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to my introduction thread. I've been around here for a couple of days, lurking mostly, but I've decided it's time to show my face properly. Here's the answers to some questions you may or may not have:

Who am I?

For ease I will primarily be using my character's name, Max, as my handle around here but I am also often called JoJo online. I'm fine with being called either. I've been forum role-playing since October 2010 and in that time have GM'd three RPs, two of those to completion and taken part as a player in a few others. I specialise primarily in child PCs, though I have been known to delve into adult characters too when it takes my fancy.

What am I doing here?

I became a little bored of the site I used for the last few years, which was mainly seperate RPs made up of small groups of players, and so I decided to look for a forum-wide RP that I could sink my teeth into. This was the best I found through a brief search of Google and so I signed up immediately.

What are my plans?

I intend to start my loveable urchin in the city of Nyka and see where the game takes him, I'm pretty flexible about plans or character development at this point so if anyone has any ideas they would like to discuss, feel free to send me a PM or post in this thread ;)
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Greetings from young Max (and his writer!)

Postby Eadon on August 28th, 2013, 1:12 am

Hey there!

Welcome to Mizahar. I hope you enjoy your stay. Can't wait to see what you have cooked up character wise. it should be a great read.
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Greetings from young Max (and his writer!)

Postby Wanda Endust on August 28th, 2013, 1:46 am

Heya Max/JoJo! Welcome to Miz!

Nyka really is an interesting place. :) I'm sure you'll love it there, and they'll love to have you!

I'll probably stalk your CS -- it's always fun to see how people put their own spin on developing a child PC. Anyhow, if you ever find yourself in Syliras, gimme a shout!

Oh! And be sure to check Chat out if you haven't already. ;) It's usually full of helpful people and catchy conversations. Feel free to pop in there with any questions you might have! You can also PM any of the staff with any help you might need -- they're all friendly folks! I'm also available to help with anything you might need!

Best wishes and good luck!

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