Closed A Ghost of a Memory

A now-dead Kendhl visits Gale in the Infirmary.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

A Ghost of a Memory

Postby Kendhl Pilkvist on September 2nd, 2013, 1:42 am


1st of Fall, 513 AV

Kendhl didn't realize how much time had passed since her death. She felt as if she had woken up. Confused. Was she dreaming? Her body was on the ground. The throat was a mess of meat and blood. But she didn't feel like she was dreaming, or dead. She couldn't have been dead. Images flashed through her head. Dogs and teeth. Lots of dogs, and plenty of teeth. And a hand, her hand, in front of her eyes with her blood coating it. She was dead.

At first she didn't believe it. Wandered for a few days. She couldn't even remember which way Zeltiva was. The ghost had tried to gain her bearings, found them. Kendhl ran, and kept running. Straight through a tree. Not into, through. That was when she realized she was, in fact, dead. Not dreaming, not alive, not projecting.


She had expected to smack into the bark and gain scratches on her face, but no. No pain, no falling backwards, nothing. Kendhl had just kind of... gone straight through the tree. It was completely unexpected.

I shouldn't be dead. Why am I dead? Oh, bloody gods. Petchin' bloody gods. It was the dogs. If we hadn't gone out into the Wildlands, I'd be alive and Gale would be- Gale!

The dead Kelvic bolted, feet touching the ground but not feeling it. Instinct told her to dodge the trees. Duck under the branches, avoid the bush. Hair fell in her face, and she noticed she could see through it. Not completely, but enough to know what was the world and what was her. She was transparent. Soundless. Her steps made no noise, and out of habit her chest rose and fell. There was no breathing, though. No oxygen pulled in, no carbon dioxide breathed out. Her lungs didn't work.

Did she even have lungs? Or a heart? Or blood, intestines? Kendhl didn't care, she just wanted to know if Gale was alright. She skidded into Zeltiva, ignoring the startled shouts of Wave Guards on patrol. It must be unusual for them, a ghost going by. A see-through girl.

Where would he be? If I were injured (and still alive), I'd be... At the Infirmary! The University. That's where he'd be.

She turned and shot towards the University. Practically flew through the halls. Kendhl almost missed the entrance to the Infirmary, and immediately searched for her bondmate. Was he her bondmate now? Did that transcend even death? She doubted it. Gale's name was the only thing she could think. And... There he was!


Her mouth moved, but the sound didn't come from her mouth. Instead, it came from where her heart would be, if she were alive. Kendhl looked down in confusion. Looked back up. It felt like eternity, crossing the room to stand by the man she loved. Had loved. Whatever. She extended her hand towards his mangled one, attempting to pick it up. As expected, it went straight through. Just like the tree.

"Gale... Oh, Gale. I'm so sorry."

Ghostly tears slid down her face, puffing out of existence when they dripped off of her skin. Could it be called skin? It could, but it wasn't... Skin. Not alive. Dead. Just like the rest of her.

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