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Annalisa, Vernadel & Finn

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Breaking Boundaries

Postby Finn on September 12th, 2013, 12:32 am

Finn dragged her attention away from the Akvatari, Vernadel, looking at Annalisa. Confusion? About what? Finn had arrived in Zeltiva because it always seemed like an open friendly city compared to some of the others she has visited with her family. Listening to Annalisa, Finn had trouble understanding some of the large words she had used. Finn formulated her question in her mind before asking it, determined to not look like a fool in front of these women.

"Is there trouble? In'a city? Do'we all need to get 'supplies'" Finn was satisfied with her speaking even though she had a very thick accent the words flowed smoothly, at least to her, and she mostly understood what she said. She didn't know what 'supplies' meant but she had to pretend like she did. Her eyes drifted back towards Vernadel, looking at her wings as more questions floated into her head.

Wouldn't her wings get wet under the water? Heavy? Such as a butterfly's would? They looked similar to insect wings. But they were larger, more proportional to Vernadel's body, and clearly more sturdy looking. Unlike and insect where you could immobilize it with an accidental touch, these looked like they would take a considerable amount of force before they gave out. And they must be strong able to carry an entire human, er . . . Akvatari.

Finn's thoughts continued to juggle between the city and the new race she discovered. Casting a quick glance at the sun she figured it would have to be close to dinner soon. She'd only gotten two lobsters and she hadn't started boiling water yet. Seeing as she was clearly the one who lived closest to their meeting point, it would be polite of her to invite both of them in for dinner, but she just didn't have the resources to host friends. She bit her lip, looking down at her scarred hands, hoping no one would notice her dilemma or if they didn't they would think she was rude.

Looking back at Annalisa, she was glad the woman was looking towards the city, and not her. She wanted to know more about what was going on with this confusion, and the storm that was supposed to come and this 'supplies' that she needed, apparently. But Finn also wanted to find out more bout Vernadel and her people. If Laviku agreed with them swimming his seas, what they ate, why they could survive both in air and under water. Where her Pod was? Maybe she was like humans, lonely solitary creatures who didn't stay with their families and neglected who they loved.
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Breaking Boundaries

Postby Vernadel on September 12th, 2013, 2:01 am


"A storm?" Vernadel asked. Her eyes opened wide. "A big storm?" Of course she wasn't afraid of a little rain, but she had been through some powerful hurricanes on her home island that could do a lot of damage. "I only just got here," she told Annalisa. "I don't know about any storm. But perhaps I should be preparing? Oh, what do I need?"

Then, the Akvatari girl noticed Finn studying her wings. "You can touch them if you want," she offered. "They're stronger than they look, though I have hollow bones, so I'm not as heavy as I look, either." She grinned as she gathered up her tortoise shell sack and, slinging the strap over her head and one shoulder, began to stand up on her tail.

"Should we take cover somewhere? Should I head back to the University?" Suddenly frantic, Vernadel peered at the horizon, attempting to find some signs of the impending storm.

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Breaking Boundaries

Postby Annalisa Marin on September 17th, 2013, 1:42 am


Apparently the two had misinterpreted her meaning, though considering one only possessed halting command of common and the other was half seal that was not overly surprising. Still part of her wanted to indulge in the lie, to add a little bit of paranoia to the mix as well. Such a thing was a prayer to Rhysol in a sense, knowingly deceiving others was something he seemed to enjoy. If it pleased him then it would certainly please her.

"Oh certainly, the priests of Zulrav claim it will be here any day now. A horrid and powerful storm, one that could very well cause a fair bit of harm to those outdoors. Best prepare while you can." She said with utmost seriousness.

The wizard felt the lie slide smoothly off of her tongue, a small devotion to Rhysol but she felt she could take this all a little further. The desire to let off one tiny curse was irritable, a seed of chaos to grow into fruition in time. She chose the target as the other tall woman, figuring she could use a bit of a shake up. Effecting her ability to communicate seemed a simple enough curse and one likely to cause some chaos.

The half seal was an unknown, her race only one now known by name and appearance but the taller woman was human and Anna knew how to make a human squirm. Was it cruel? Most certainly. It was also a form of release, a way to give in to a small bit of the whirling tide of chaos raging in her mind.

"Your common is rather accented. You should try listen more to conversations spoken around you, it will help with your dialect." She offered, the seemingly helpful words carrying the weight of a curse upon them.

Finn would find that in a few days her ability to speak would be stolen completely from her, being struck mute for all intents and purposes. The curse would take a few days to bloom and would last for about a week, unless Anna found her again and compounded upon it to add length. A relatively minor thing, but it certainly was more than that to Anna.

Visions of unspeakable chaos and destruction swam before her eyes, the chaos of the world around her melding as one with her mind. It was a lot like the feeling she got when she was casting, only it was much more pleasurable and didn't result in exhaustion. Her attention quickly returned to the situation at hand and her mind gained some degree of lucidity to it after a moment.

Her grey eyes fell upon the half seal, Vernadel, and she considered her questions carefully. A physical examination would be preferable as well as a lengthy interrogation on her races strengths and weaknesses, however such a thing would likely be frowned upon in public. So she fished for information another way, a bit more subtly added to the mix.

"Sorry for scaring you, just a fair warning to give I suppose. You'll excuse me for saying so but you don't look as though you are made for maneuvering upon land. Are those wings your only means of travel above water?" She asked curiously.

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