Hello I'm Yulio and I'm an addict

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Hello I'm Yulio and I'm an addict

Postby Yulio Ules on October 13th, 2013, 10:33 pm

Name - Just call me by my PC name but otherwise my online name is Star

Roleplay Experience - I positively love to roleplay. My previous site for roleplay was in the Achievement Hunter roleplay groups. They are good for a little while but I found the posts were never long enough or detailed enough in every roleplay. So I set out to find something new. And now here I am.

How I found this place - With my super awesome skills! XD Nah, I just Googled forum roleplay... or written roleplay... or just roleplay I can't remember

Favorite roleplay style - Thus far I haven't found any style I like more than any other. Sometimes I enjoy the short one sentence replies every minute kinda thing. But then I sometimes also like the huge several paragraph replies. It usually depends on the amount of time I have at the time

What I like to write about - Now there's a question I get asked too much. The thing I like alot roleplays is the ability to experience most anything I can think of. Be This acting like a drunk, being an innocent little girl or the monster who hides in your closet. I roleplay in order to play all the roles

Favorite thing about Mizahar - The detail and shear scale of it all! I mean theres over 4000 pages of lore. That's alot of reading. I definitely won't run out of things to do here. But I like the way it's set up much more than that. It's one thing to make a huge roleplay but in way that is manageable? Well let's just say I've never seen anything like Mizahar before

Things about Mizahar that make me frustrated - Well I try very hard never to get frustrated about anything that isn't IRL but... if I had to choose something... it would be the speed at which things become noticed and then approved. For example it took several days fire my character to be looked over and now I'm stuck waiting for a job and house.

But I completely understand why this is and am not frustrated in the slightest by it. Just a tag annoyed. But that can be fixed with a little videogaming

What I want out of the Mizahar experience - EVERYTHING! I want to visit all the cities, learn about all the people, become a mod, become a storyteller abd one day help run a city. Maybe I can even help add onto the lore one day. I want to become an intricate part of mizahar

Is there anything I'd like to see expanded - Well I would have liked to start in Charbosi but that's okay

Anything else I wanna talk about - not particularly. But I would like to express that I'm having a great time here, even with the few posts I've done
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Hello I'm Yulio and I'm an addict

Postby Isana Lin on October 14th, 2013, 12:38 am

Hello Yulio!

It's great to see another Charoda wandering around. They really don't get a lot of love, the poor fish-people. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here tremendously.

Sounds like you'l fit in just fine!
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Hello I'm Yulio and I'm an addict

Postby Flyaway on October 15th, 2013, 3:47 am

Welcome! Enjoy your travels Yulio. Its very easy to get wrapped up in Mizahar, I hope you have a good time here and accomplish all you have set out to accomplish!
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