~Hello Fellow Mizaharians (Or Whatever)~

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~Hello Fellow Mizaharians (Or Whatever)~

Postby Mei Ailuridae on November 23rd, 2013, 1:31 am

My name is Mei, pronounced May, and I'm new to forum roleplaying but I am a good writer (in my opinion.)

At first I was going to be a red panda, but then I decided to be a fox and I forgot to change the last name because Ailuridae is a red panda and not a fox. So just to clarify that. *sigh* But who can say no to that little face?? :3


I live in the South Suvan Sea and I am very excited to start roleplaying as soon as Suvan Sea starts a new registry! I look forward to roleplaying with you and PM me if you would like to thread with me!
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~Hello Fellow Mizaharians (Or Whatever)~

Postby Quint Caravel on November 24th, 2013, 6:27 pm

Hello, Mei!

That is indeed an adorable little critter. I had never considered playing a Kelvic myself before this, but now I see the appeal!

I really hope you enjoy yourself here.
~=- Quint

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Quint Caravel
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