Thannis Plotnotes

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Thannis Plotnotes

Postby Thannis Daraktheon on January 6th, 2014, 5:08 am


Get a Green Tick! DONE
(Optional Objective: Without incurring an Intervention) FAIL ( :(( )
Complete Job Thread I
Complete Job Thread II
Complete Job Thread III
(Optional Objective for I, II and III: Gain Bodybuilding XP)
Competent Glyphing
(Optional Objective: Get to 30)
Gain at least 10 Points in Voiding
Procure a Weapon. DONE
(Optional Objective: Procure a weapon that caters to Thannis strength that can be easily accessed without being equipped all the time.) DONE
Reach 5 in Mace
Train Knuckledusters
Find out about the Hound.
Investigate the Hound.
Discover Scars/Whatever that entails.
(Optional Objective: Join or Vow to Oppose)
Get Drawing to at least 10.
Get Robbed. DONE
Get Payback.
(Optional Objective: Void someone)
Drain someone's Blood. DONE
(Optional Objective: Without being caught by anyone)

Credit to Skerry
Much Thanks to Caela For This Sig!
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