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Postby Alisa Varen on February 2nd, 2014, 3:51 pm

Hello everybody, I'm an experienced roleplayer who found this site through google, looking for a website to roleplay on after taking several month long break from creative writing. Until now I used to roleplay on various websites, but this one seems to be just what I was looking for for a long, long time so I plan on sticking here for a while. I've always wanted to be a part of some huge, well-done world building effort.
(That being said, for the past several hours I've been doing nothing but reading lore and I'm not even done yet. Very, very interesting. It's amazing how developed this Mizahar is, so much to read read read....then finally deciding about the contents of CS, that will be another many choices, I'm totally sucked in! It's been a while since I encountered a fantasy world so interesting, I can see you took your "originality" goal very seriously)

I don't have any preference as to whether I write in first or third person, but I'm used to do the latter more often. For this place I intend to write flashbacks in first person and normal roleplaying in 3rd, but this decision of mine may change too, like all the things in the world tend to.
Still, even when writing in 3rd person, I usually include my character's thoughts and emotions in narration-that way it's "flavored" and more fun to write(and read, I hope). My narrator in by no means objective outsider who merely relates the events, nor is he/she my self insert who comments on the action of the character from the perspective of the writer(which some people like to do when they write in 3rd person).

English is not my first language so when I make a grammar mistake, or mess up the tenses please do let me know. I won't be offended.
Call me whatever you want. My username is, of course, my character's name but, (of course?), I am not my character, obvisouly. As long as everyone remembers the distinction between IC and OOC you can call me Alisa for all it's worth, I don't plan on making more characters anyway(there's already so much to do with one!).
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Postby Magpie on February 7th, 2014, 3:02 pm

Hey there, welcome to Mizahar! There is indeed a lot to read up front, and trust me, you'll never quite be done with it. Just do the best you can, and always be open to learn new things, and you'll be fine :)

Third person past tense is the required format here on Mizahar, and adding your character's thoughts behind the scenes make for a very rich experience for both you and your thread partner. Us STs try to let you know if you're making regular mistakes in your writing, but we're not incredibly strict. People at all levels in their writing are welcome, and people who are always trying to improve their style are great to see.

So in short: Welcome! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me, or anyone else, know. We're all happy to help!
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