Afternoon everyone

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Drop on by, introduce yourself, and let us know how you found us. In addition, don't be afraid to tell us what you'd like to get out of your Mizahar experience. Check out the stickies for more information.

Afternoon everyone

Postby Atoll Northwind on May 21st, 2014, 10:51 pm

1. Name - or what you'd like to be called!

You can just call me by character name :)

2. What sort of RP experience do you have if any?

Not much to speak of but I like to write and I wanted something fun to do on my days off.

3. How did you find us?

First I googled things to do on the internet, it said RP. Sooooo, I did some more research and found you guys everywhere! That was actually a few months ago but I wasn't ready to start up yet.

4. What sort of RP style is your favorite?

I suppose I'll figure it out.

5. What do you like to write about - not write about?

I really, really, really, really, really like tragedies. I feel like crap after reading them or writing them but I like them. I also am a sucker for a good romance. Not Harlequin or anything, just a good, sappy, happily ever after thing. And action, because who doesn't like serving up a good verbal butt kicking or even getting one?

6. Whats your favorite thing about Mizahar so far?

I like the cities. You can tell a lot of effort was put into them and they're all different and spanned over such a big piece of land! I read a lot of fantasy but it just struck me as intriguing that there is only one land mass on all of the world.

7. What, if anything, has frustrated you about Mizahar so far?

The reading! I love to read, don't get me wrong but I feel like I can't start until I've read everything and there is just so much to read. Then for every link there are more link all relating to that little piece of information. It's great but it also makes me want to cry a bit.

8. What would you like out of the mizahar experience?

I'm not sure. I suppose different things, writing experience, fun, adventure, something to do, things to learn.

9. Is there anything you'd like to see expanded?

Expanded? I can't even deal with what's already here!

10. Anything else you want to talk about?

Cool, I have my own podium and everything. Greetings and all that jazz, I'm still debating what I want. I have a thing for pirates and the Svefra caught my eye but I can see you have lots of races. How do you guys pick an idea when there can be so many?
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Afternoon everyone

Postby Radiant on May 22nd, 2014, 12:31 am

Hello! I'm Radiant, DS of Syliras.

Welcome to Mizahar! I hope you have a good time here, I have provided some links below which will be very helpful in getting started in our wonderful world. :)

Useful Links:
-Character Sheet Templates
-Starting Guide
-Starting Package
-Skill List
-Skill Guide

Should you have any questions, feel free to go to the Questions and Answers forum and post there! :D Don't worry, we don't bite.
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