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Postby Phobius on May 30th, 2014, 12:22 am

Woo! There, that's a slightly different "hello." And thus, I have filled my daily quota.

Hello, Mizahar community! Let me just say that stumbling upon this site was like tripping over a rock and tumbling into a pit full of snakes...only to find out that the snakes had all baked apple pies for me, and the pit was actually lined with thermal pillows.

In short, I'm more than happy to have found this place. Good role-playing sites just don't seem to be as numerous or as original, anymore, but this place...man, I'm already doing a little excited dance in my chair about this place. An apology before hand if I'm all over the place within the next few days. Ha.

So, in short, I'm psyched to be here and looking forward to meeting all of you great people and making great friends.

LET THE ROLE-PLAYING COMMENCE! ...As soon as I get done with this character sheet.

...Oh, and I'm Agent, by the by, or at least that's a nickname that I use all over the webs. Handling an account that's both myself and my character will be fun, and I promise to keep my voice and Phobius' voice separate. c:
Note: Unless otherwise is stated, Phobius is almost always wearing a blue-beaded bracelet that alters illusions around him based on his mood. That can include player-made illusions. c:
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Postby Traverse on May 30th, 2014, 2:25 pm

*Offers up another Apple Pie*

Welcome to Mizahar Phobius, I'm glad you're having a blast already and i was pleasantly amused by your introduction! It looks like you've already done a fien job settling in here so just take your time immersing yourself in the expansive lore we have amassed here and have fun!

Also if you grab the url for your Character Sheet and paste it into the appropriate box in your profile you can put a direct link for it underneath your avatar, making it easy for mods and fellow PC's to read your info,

Safe Travels,

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