Hello to all of you

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Hello to all of you

Postby Oshk on May 31st, 2014, 3:20 pm

Hello everyone, I am Oshk one of the newest members on this awesome looking site you have here. So you have came into this thread to greet me and to talk to me? Well usually in these kinds of threads the first post is a one liner, you get no feel for what the person is like and how they write, well guess what... I'm not one of those people, this is more than just a first post to me, this is my introduction and that is damn important if you ask me! How else are you gonna get to know me, so here goes nothing...

I am currently living in New Zealand, which is located right under Australia, and the countries are very similar if you think about it, with the exception of New Zealand not having any of that deadly crap that Australia has, so now we have that out of the way I can continue with my introduction, I live on a sheep farm with my parents and younger sister, well that isn't to surprising considering I am only twelve years old in real life, but don't underestimate me because of that! I am the top student of my school, I am also the oldest/tallest and strongest at my school, but there is only about 32 people currently attending it.

I have two pets at the moment, my first pet is a cat called Oscar that was recently sick, although he is better now so no need to worry, I also have one hyperactive nincompoop of a puppy called Leith, weird name I know it would be easier not to explain it because then this post would go on and on and on and probably bore the crap out of everyone.

So yeah I am looking forward to meeting you all OOC'ly and seeing you guys IC'ly and I sure as hell hope I have fun here...

So basically what I am saying from all this is: Hello
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Hello to all of you

Postby Grosh on May 31st, 2014, 10:41 pm

Hello and welcome to Mizahar! The PM from "admin" you received is a good place to start.
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Hello to all of you

Postby Serenity Kora on June 1st, 2014, 12:46 am

Hi Oshk!
Welcome to Mizahar! We hope you enjoy it here. Some good places to start making your character are:

-Things You Need To Know
-Starting Guide
-Starting Package
-Skill Guide
-Character Sheets Forum
I'm going to be away for the next couple of days, so sorry in advance to anyone this affects :)
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