Hey Everybody!

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Hey Everybody!

Postby Ridac on July 17th, 2014, 11:58 am

Hey guys!

Just popping in to say hi to all of you wonderful people. I'm really looking forward to writing with this community. Everything here is so well detailed - I mean, I've played other forum style RPGS, but this is something else entirely.

Quick question : I want my character to go into Magecraft. Is this a bit...I dunno...unfeasible? Also, if anyone is in Sylrias and wants to thread, feel free to contact me. It can be a thread about anything. Really.

Other than that, just have a great day for me, will ya?

Looking forward to the experience! :)
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Hey Everybody!

Postby Shijara on July 17th, 2014, 4:01 pm

Hello, hello, Ridac. It's a pleasure.

I'm so happy you enjoy our lore. Lots of people have collaborated and worked hard to make it what it is today. Honestly, I feel like it's one of our biggest selling points. I'm often saddened when I see people shying away because of the vast amount. Miz can be a little intimidating at first (I know it was for me, at least), but once you find your niche and get involved, we have a way to charm.

Now, you said you're interested in magecraft? Magic? Miz has it's own sort of magic here, and unfortunately, that is not something I was ever involved in. I kind of have a general idea of how it works, but my character(s) always stray from the stuff. So, I'm not really the person to ask, but I don't want to outright say anything is unfeasible unless it's something I'm confident in.

So! You're in Syliras as your starting city? The smelly place of law and order? ;) That place is plenty active so you shouldn't have a hard time finding partners.

P.s: I do what I want. You have a great day!
TO MY WONDERFUL PARTNERS: You guys are the best.
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