Hi, I'm Rowan

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Hi, I'm Rowan

Postby Rowan BloodAnvil on October 3rd, 2014, 3:02 am

Rowan BloodAnvil; Rowan
RP EXP: I've participated in various RP forums but they seem to run dry and I'm looking for something different.
I searched "RP Forums" and was given this site as an option.
I'm not sure what kind of styles there are in RP to be completely honest lol
I like to write deep conversations between characters so readers get to know them from the inside out. I don't particularly care for scene descriptions.
My favorite thing so far is that this site is extremely different than what I'm used to.
Nothing has really frustrated me so far.
I would like to gain some new friends and expand my mind to better write fanfictions of my own.
I hope the members respond on a regular basis when in RPing because it is annoying having to wait for the other person to respond.
Rowan BloodAnvil
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Hi, I'm Rowan

Postby Darkalin Pinewood on October 3rd, 2014, 9:10 pm

Welcome to Mizahar Rowan! To answer about members responding on a regular basis.... Well, lets just say that they have lots to reply to, so, they may or may not do it regularly. Sorry to disappoint.

Have fun anyways. If you ever get really bored, you can do a solo.
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