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How I spend my days

Postby Amalia Ire on March 27th, 2015, 11:02 pm

2nd Calender Day of Spring 515, Sunberth


The first thought that entered the young Eypharian's mind as she walked to Tall Johnny's Casino. She wasn't late or anything, that was for sure, but she hated the walk from the tent city out to Johnny's. It was around the Twelfth Bell and the sun hung high, but it wasn't spectacularly hot as the small clouds rolled in the sky above the ruined city of Sunberth. And while the short dark haired girl's opinion of the city was that it was a fine place to live so long as you could live with being in danger all the time, and even as she thought it her own eyes darted about attempting to make sure there was no one darting around in the corners of the long alley ways of the broken buildings. She took this part of town to work because it was easy, not because it was safe, but more often than not, she was safe during the day, and she took the long way home at night to avoid this place. More than once she had seen something skulking the shadows, but today she seemed to be fine.

Maybe it was the high sun that scared the presence off, or maybe it was the fact that the presence was off doing something else, but the girl made note and just kept walking on, the light clacking of her gauntlets as she clenched and unclenched her fists that hung mostly limply, at least that would be the appearance, in reality, she was tensing and untensing her muscles slowly as she began her concentration on the path to the Casino that was now in site, although she would still have a little walking to do, walking in towards the back where she would be likely recognized, she hoped. Although last time she walked there, she had to wait for Johnny to come and let her in to confirm that "The Six armed freak" was allowed in the door, She heard the comment enough it didn't really get to her though.

She did appreciate that Tall Johnny never seemed to receive her with such name however, Usually calling her Miss Ire or Amalia, although she partially felt that if she had not come with her Mentor's gauntlet on her fist, she would have been turned away and told to find a safer job. Not that she knew a safer one. She had only been raised how to fight and a few basics on how to make it through this city. The first advice being to make friends. Nothing she really had time for, but she had seen Tall Johnny and her Mentor speak on occasion, so she decided to reach there first. While he didn't become her friend, he offered to be her boss, and she figured it was better than nothing.

After getting to the back door she looked to the guard at the back. Today it was a burly looking man who raised an eyebrow at her approach and held a hand out when she was in twelve feet.*"Wot's yer buisness six arm?"* The raven haired girl sighed to herself a bit and spoke in a annoyed tone to the man*"I am part of the entertainment"* To this she raised her six hands and showed the varied gauntlets that rested on her hands to the man, who grunted a bit and held up a finger and opend the black iron door he stood next to and shouted in*"WE EXPECTIN A SIX ARM?"* He listened as a muffled talk went on beyond the door and then nodded, and waved the girl towards him and opened the door, giving her a short nod, which she returned. Was it so hard to say Eypharian? Not that it mattered what race she was here.

She walked through the cold iron door that was slammed behind her, and stood there a few moments, her eyes adjusting to the dark of the back room that was supposed to be the "ready" room, and she looked about, and saw a few benches lined up, with a few other people scattered in the room, some older, some young like herself, one... different. It was certainly not what she expected. The thing was a giant among the competators, and hunched over. It stood at least eight feet in height and... was it wearing clothes? it was difficult to tell as at sat in the corner just staring. Note to self, don't make trouble.....

After a short time, she saw one of Tall Johnny's lackey's come in the back room and survey the room and he narroed his eyes at a younger boy, couldn't have been more than sixteen sitting on the bench. He was a bit cut up, and his hands where wrapped in bandaged. As for his footwear, it seemd strange, a bit larger than it needed to be, and maybe a bit heavy.*"Jeseph"* He eyes Amalia lightly before turning about and walking back out the door. Amalia walked from the door area, and forward as the boy slowly stood up and walked, each step he took seemingly like it took him more effort than could have possibly necessary. Was he sick? Maybe it was the shoes....

Amalia shook the thought and walked bast the second iron door that led into the Casino next to the Cage, feeling the dirt under her toes and heel as she walked to the cage as the door was opened for her by the lackey. She knew that he was the side show ref. He typically was just there to make sure not too much of a mess was made in the ring, Tall Johnny only reffed the big fights.

As she walked in, she walked to the far end of the fifteen by fifteen cage and watched "Jeseph" walk in the cage with her, and she sized him up a bit. He was about two inches shorter than her, and he was built like a runner, his legs looked strong, but his arms, looked pretty weak. And for some reason he seemed already out of breath, and some of his wounds where open now that she looked at him. Had he already fought today? It was rare to see that.

As soon as the lanky referee closed the door of the cage, the small crowd that gathered watched curiously at both of them, but no big bets seemed to be placed, just small change here and there. Amalia didn't really care. It was the expirience not the money, so she took a deep breath, and focused on the boy who was hunched forward, right hand on the ground as he looked to her with a dead look in his eyes. Amalia blinked and stood as she put her right foot in front of herself and bent her knees as she got a feel for the dirt in the arena. It was relatively hard packed, so she couldn't kick it up like she could a lot of the dirt that covered Sunberth. As she watched the boy, he started the fight.

First mistake. She heard mentally from her mentor, and smirked, and closed out her thoughts from outside the arena and held her lower hands low near her stomach, he mid arms at her chest, and her top arms just a bit higher than her face as she watched the boy run and seemingly leap forward. She expected him to go for a fist or a headbutt, but mid leap he spun his body around, and she saw the irregular boot come sailing towards the left side of her head, and her eyes widened in realization a moment, as she ducked forward into the kick the boy threw out, his leg sailing shin first at her right basic gauntlet that she held out at the boy's leg, and while she was able to catch it, she was thrown off balance for a moment, but kept on forward and slammed her left gauntlet into the boy's stomach, which got a wretch from the boy as he curled on the ground after the strike. He seemed already out, as he fell on the ground and Amalia stood over him and stared at him, then to the Ref, who looked on disinterested, and she shrugged walking to the end of the cage which he opened and dropped the small bits of currency in her hand and she sighed as she took a glance at the boy, and the man spoke to her*"Somin'l get im in a bit."* Amalia nodded and walked out the building for now. Nothing left to do here for now, at least for her. Easy money was a gift horse she was not going to look in the mouth.
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