Solo Shattered Ego

Living a life where hardships weren't extreme has spoiled Rathan. He has finally encountered something that will fix that.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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Shattered Ego

Postby Rathan on June 9th, 2015, 3:31 am

29th of Summer, 515 AV

Rathan was drunk, thoughts didn't go through his mine normally, and when mixed with his ego of not being in a true hard ship, makes a dangerous combination. He want to fight, like usual, but today was different, not much people where wanting to have a duel. He stood up, and scanned the tavern for some one to fight with. A particular group of Akalaks caught his eye. He walked over to the group of people and slammed his hands on the table, shaking their mugs.

"What do you want?" Said one of the Akalaks, his voice held annoyance. He said, he looked like he was already wanting to punch Rathan in the mouth. Same with his friends, all five of them shifted away from him. "I bet, I can take you." He pointed his finger at the man that spoke first. "In a fight!" Rathan said, he smiled as he pointed. He placed his hands on his swords and the entire group of Akalaks sneered at the drunk Eypharian. "Leave us." One of them said, he waved off Rathan.

"That sounds like you are backing out of a fight!" He yelled, he pointed at them. "Are you worms or something?" Rathan said to the group, the middle one looked offended, he slowly rose out of the seat as Rathan insulted them more. He growled slightly, "You!" He yelled, pointing at Rathan. "Outside! Now!" The man leaned into Rathan's face, he could smell the ale in his breath from a couple inches away. "Okay!" Rathan yelled, he gripped his two gladiuses and started to walk through the tavern, puffing his chest out slightly. He exited the bar and waited for the group of Akalaks to exit.

After a couple of minutes all the Akalaks exited the bar, sword in hand, some people watched from windows of the tavern, waiting for the fight to start. Rathan drew his swords and smirked, he lunged forward and swung his swords at a Akalak, each swing the Akalak ether dodged or counter attacked with a fist or a foot. That is when all the Akalaks started to attack back, Rathan tried to block or dodge, but all five blades coming at him at once was over whelming to say the least. Rathan could feel cuts going across his body. He managed to block one swing of a sword, only to feel or hear a sword coming into contact with some sort of matter.

Rathan started to swing his swords wildly in front of him, opening wounds into a single Akalak. The Akalak fell to the ground, he was still breathing, but beaten. But that is when Rathan felt extreme pain on his bottom left arm, he couldn't feel it any more ether. He looked, and all that remained of his arm was a bleeding stump with bone sticking out. He started to scream in pain, "I yield!" Rathan yelled, but that didn't stop the last blade from hitting him. Hitting him in the eye. "I... Yield..." Rathan collapsed to the floor, his vision fading as a large group of people came to help him and the Akalak that laid next to him. The rest of the akalaks started to walk away... Then it was dark.

34th of Summer, 515 AV

Rathan awoke in a room... He didn't exactly know where he was though... He looked at his arm... Bandaged up. He felt where his eye was slashed, like the stump of a arm, it was bandaged as well. He sighed as he looked at him self, he saw him self in a new light. He was frail, weak, not everything he thought he was. He thought he was able to take on five of those Akalaks... Only to loose a arm and most likely his eye. He felt so weak, he didn't feel like he could take everything on head first and swords swinging. Now... Now he realized how much Mizahar is a cruel world... His ego was completely broken, only in fragments that weakly cling to life.
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