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Blow Upon a Ghost [Richard, Thaloyss]

Postby Vizayas on June 12th, 2015, 7:08 pm

Blow Upon a Ghost
Guest Narrated by Vizayas

Summer 9th, 515

Wind swept over the hills and began to blow away the stench of the piles of shyke on the streets. Directly overhead, Syna's summer rays tusseled and brawled with the wind, but they couldn't bear enough heat to make the day altogether unpleasant. It was actually a pretty good day, in Sunberth. One of the rare ones.

In the area near but not quite directly immediate to Tall Johnny's, a pair of criers walked the streets. One was young, scrawny and full of youth with a high pitched voice. The other was tall, his face riddled with scars as his deep voice rang out. "Need someone ta' kill a ghost!" Yelled the deep voice. Many found themselves shying away at the words, not wishing to get involved with something so strange and vexing to the populace.

"Kill a specter, get paid!" The younger boy shrieked. Their combination of voices made it so that at least one of them could be heard over the rabble. The two had been at it for at least half a bell by now, and they were somewhat appreciative of the oddly pleasant weather as their clothing whipped from the lashing winds.

Merchants and vendors lined the streets, competing for auditory dominance. "Get 'yer f'oot! Veggies! Fresh as yer' momma's tits!" Among other yells. filled with obscene gestures from the tough folk who fought to keep their wares under guard from thieves and swindlers. There were also throngs of people, but again they avoided the two criers as they went about their business. It was hard work trying to solve a magical matter in Sunberth, especially in a place where they would sooner skin the culprit alive or light the place ablaze.
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