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To remember, and want

Postby Berend on July 3rd, 2015, 8:28 pm

Timestamp: 1st of Summer, 515 AV

It was almost evening, and Syna was low in the sky, her red light reflecting off of the gentle waves of Baroque Bay. The day had been a hot one so the waters Berend waded into were warm, and darkening with the passage of the day as the light disappeared behind the western horizon. On the docks, people were still shouting about their wares, but things were slowing down. Most of the boatmen had made it to the dock by now, so there wasn’t many people coming from the ships, but he could see still a few boats gliding in, hurrying to make port before the day broke. Not that it made any difference to the merchants, or the crews on those ships. The counters would probably already be packed up, and home by the time even one of those vessels was tied up, and the fisher folk would probably wanting a drink more than some knick knack.

No one bothered him out in the water, and he was thankful for the time to be alone. There were other bathers along the shore to be sure, but they kept to themselves like he did. Berend felt vulnerable out here, with scarcely anything on him, and kept looking over his shoulder to make sure he stuff remained undisturbed on the sand. A brick of soap, a dagger and a under cloth was all he had brought with him into the water, leaving him to feel strangely weightless with every roll of the ocean. He scraped at the skin on his arm quickly with the soap, using his fingernails to remove the dirty film left over, before submerging his body underwater for a few moments, and repeating the process for the rest of his body. His other hand, the one that held the dagger and under cloth, he kept under the water. It glinted red like the waves did in the light which made it harder to make out where the blood was, but he was hoping a good soak would do the trick. There wasn’t really a good way for him to wash it anyways till he got to shore with his other hand full, so he didn’t worry himself too much over it.

Instead, he focused on cleaning himself quickly, and listening the the world around him, which was pervasively quiet on his little stretch of beach. Beyond the back ground noise coming from the docks, he couldn’t make anything out beyond the splashes he was making, so he checked over his shoulder again. A shadow stood opposite of him on the shore, silhouetted by the amber glow to the west.
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To remember, and want

Postby Vairial Blackhand on July 7th, 2015, 3:47 am

There stood Vairial on the darkening shoreline, bored as ever. It was this boredom that led him to the beach in the night, perhaps to take in the view of the setting sun reflecting off of the bay. It was mildy entertaining at the most the the Symenestra. So instead he chose a certain unlucky sap in the water to play with.

Approaching while the man was busy washing himself Vairial positioned himself close to all his belongings, hopeless vulnerable on the beach. The distance between the Symmenestra and the items was far from comfortable. One look and anyone would guess his intention was to steal.

In fact however, Vairial couldn't be bothered with such a petty crime. If he was going to break the law, he would at least do something more exciting than that. He was in Sunberth after all however, so what law was he even thinking of? Sighing, he crossed his arms as his red eyes peered out into the water, his gaze meeting the man's when he turned to check the shoreline to spot him. When he did, Vairial gave him a menacing grin, pointed fangs glinting in the orange light of the dying day. Hopefully the man would come to shore to protect his belongings, he wanted to have a nice chat, perhaps.
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