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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Knowledge can pass any barrier(Morth)

Postby Aider Silander on August 7th, 2015, 10:59 pm


22nd Summer 515AV

The rays of Syna had just began to rise over the port city of Zetliva. The warming rays of the sun slowly stretchered out to greet the land that awaited them. Though the day had begun much earlier for the man from Nyka. A thirst for knowledge had over come him late in the night and he had acted upon it. The feeling of safety had driven the man back to one of his earliest passions. Seeking and obtaining knowledge, and he was in the city to do so.

The Wright Memorial Library was known throughout Sylira as the gods sent house of knowledge. Anything that he wanted to know he would mostly be found her. He had bought a blank book, a quill and a vial of ink the day before, and they had accompanied him on his quest today.

The man sat with his own book open and quill in hand, he had gathered a small stack of books each about a different god or goddess. He wanted to know why people were so bent on trusting them without question. Why some devoted their lives to these powerful creatures and if they really even had much to do in the every day life of people. They held such a tight grasp on many peoples lives and Aider did not understand it one bit.

He had begun jotting down lose bits of information about the gods, but even here everything he was finding gave him little information on how they affect peoples lives. Some of the books held accounts of priest and priestess had said about their gods, and some even had small prayers written in them.
"None of this is what I am looking for. None of this tells me why people have such faith in these gods. Even with Kaie I can not figure out what it is that drawls her to her goddess. It's all so confusing"he mumbled to himself.

He closed one of the books and sat back in his chair. It read Laviku, God of the Sea. A powerful entity in his own right, the sea housed many deadly and powerful creatures according to the book. But the sea brought destruction and chaos with it. All storms moved from the sea and inwards. Or so he thought, the man scratched his chin and sighed.
"I am not going to get anywhere trying to figure this out just by reading" he said calmly.

Hey all, just wanted to say I am sorry for any delays and failed promises. I am getting ready for a huge trip out of the country as well as taking on a lot of extra shifts at work. The creative side of my brain hasn't been active as of late.
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Knowledge can pass any barrier(Morth)

Postby Morth on August 17th, 2015, 10:41 pm

It was the wee bells of the morning in which Morth decided to explore what he hoped to be his new found home, and he was certain of the first place he wished to visit as he hurriedly strode down the streets of the port city. The feeling cold damp stone on his bare feet permeated his being sending shivers up his spine as he watched the sun peek hesitantly over the horizon, barely visible through the labyrinthine jungle of stone structures. Morth continued down the road, feeling the warmth of the dawn crawl up his back as the sun rose above the city, greeting those who wished to get an early start to their day.

Morth finally reached his destination as he approached the entrance to a large ornate building and eagerly pushed the large carved doors open with a single hand, the wood surprisingly warm to the touch. The doors groaned in protest as they swung open on their rusted hinges, as if welcoming the Jamoura to the building with reluctance. Morth entered the Wright Memorial Library with a sense of awe, gaping as he slowly advanced further into the vaulted chamber, massive shelves of ancient looking books and documents looming over his own gigantic frame. Rays of golden light flooded into the chamber through towering glass windows illuminating dust swirling delicately through the air. Approaching a shelf he ran his hand across the spine of a worn cracked leather tome, the text faded from neglect and sun exposure, he thought of the life times of knowledge and experience that were poured into each text, he only wished he had time to read every single one. But to do so seemed like it it would take an eternity.

It didn't take long for Morth to shake his feelings of inundation, as he began to pull multiple books on an assemblage of topics from the shelves with unquelled enthusiasm, cradling them in his arms as if they were fragile creatures to be nurtured. He he eagerly sought a place to sit and after a few moments leaned against the cool stone walls of the library and stacked his modest collection of books beside him, coming to the conclusion that he would reduce all of the seating in the building to splinters if he were to use them. Not having any particular topic in mind and being a philomath Morth had simply picked subjects he found interesting and let his curiosity guide him from there, finding works on the goddess Eyris particularly fascinating. Morth Zealously flipped through the aged pages of the books he held, all the while being careful not to damage them. He was intent on absorbing every bit of information he could. Only one thing distracted him from his otherwise single-minded focus.

Morth paused, focusing on the noise competing for his attention in the otherwise silent room. Closing his book, he listened to the subdued scribbling noise, seemingly coming from only a bookshelf away. Curious, he decided to investigate and after promptly returning the books he had collected, sought out the noise that had disturbed his study. As he rounded the corner of a bookshelf he saw a man, with dark hair and a deeply contemplative expression strewn across his face sitting with quill and book in hand. Morth thought he could aid the man seeing as he was not doing anything of urgency and proceeded to approach him. The stranger had not yet taken notice of Morth, which he found surprising to say the least. As he sauntered closer he hoped he would not startle or incite discomfort with his presence keeping in mind that most are not accustomed to the presence of a Jamoura in Zeltiva. "Looking for anything in particular?" asked softly, in an attempt to prevent his voice from reverberating throughout the library. "Perhaps I could assist." he concluded inquisitively.
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