Solo Finding (Mr.) Silver is Better than Gold

Kaie finally catches up with an elusive character

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Finding (Mr.) Silver is Better than Gold

Postby Konrad Venger on September 23rd, 2016, 9:11 pm


Intelligence - 2
Persuasion - 1
Negotiation - 2
Unarmed Combat - 3
Tactics - 3
Acrobatics - 1
Endurance - 1
Gladius - 2
Subterfuge - 1
Intimidation - 2

Sunberth Factions: The Brotherhood of Chains
Intelligence: Using a Common Ally to Infiltrate
Why Did it Have to be Zith?!
Rita and Kostaja: A Lover's Spat?
Zith: Flapping Wings make Closing in Difficult
Never Fight Fair if Presented with an Acceptable Alternative
Subterfuge: Destroying Facial Features to "Hide" a Body

-Deep bite mark on upper left arm from the Zith; will leave a permanent, roughly circular scar and will require medical attention for 7-10 days afterwards to prevent infection

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Ooooh, this was a goodie! JUST my kinda thread. Not just the scrumptious violence but the film noir-ish deception and double-dealing, and wow, I never thought I'd see someone make a psycho like Kostaja sympathetic and likable! Great job in every post... oh, apart from one thing that niggled with me.

Making his face unrecognizable to hinder ID, I can understand that... but not when he's a Eypharian. Those guys kinda stick out no matter what you do lol. It's a VERY minor point, but I felt like you should know.

Great job, sister. ;)

Oh, and please make sure you go back and edit your post in the Request Thread to reflect the fact this one is now done and dusted. PM me with any questions and later 'tater!

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