Closed Whatever is inside (Rayage)

Rayage meets a woman who is maybe more dead inside than she is.

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Whatever is inside (Rayage)

Postby Felicity on September 14th, 2015, 6:55 pm

35th of Fall, 515 AV
Location: East Street Alleyway
Time: Evening, before sunset

The crisp chill in the air was a firm indicator of the season's reaching its peak, then cascading down into the depths of winter. It was a time of coats and cloaks to be work more tightly around, and scarves either bought or stolen to be dawned to match with heavy boots both for walking on the cold hardened stones of the city and to avoid the fierce bite of the wind at night. It was a time of change as what trees were around were begining to give way and release their leaves to fall to the ground ground to paint the world in a display of crunchy color as one walked.

It was cold, such that Felicity rubbed her arms almost without thinking as she crouched in the alleyway as she had done several times in the last few days. Kneeling as she was, one hand on the edge of the small wooden crate, the other rubbing warmth back into the skin of her upper arm exposed by the short sleeves of her tunic. That same hand paused a moment in its actions to push a lock of blonde hair behind one ear, blue eyes looking down at the bundle of black and grey as it shivered in its makeshift bed. Felicity had come by several times, each to see what the little kitten was doing. It was an odd thing, too trusting for its own good she thought, but somehow its big eyes and too long tail always brought her back. Typically it was playing. A bundle of energy bouncing here and there as it chased its tail or stalked imaginary prey around its little home. Today though it just lay there, not quite still for its shivers confirmed that it had not yet died. The little bits of bread Felicity had left for it lay untouched.

Maybe it didn't like bread? she thought, but another powerful shiver quickly dispelled that naive notion.

Moving slowly Felicity reached into the crate, pulling out the little bundle to hug it close to her chest. She knew she wasn't much warmer than it was, but somehow she thought this was what she was supposed to do. With one hand she cradled the creature, the other she gently stroked the top of its head. Eyes thoughtful she hummed, a nonsense tune that didn't mean anything to anyone.

The little thing would not last much longer. Felicity knew that.
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