Solo [Kendoka Sasaran] Injured in the fall

Charsi learns a weapon skill in the land of warriors

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Kendoka Sasaran] Injured in the fall

Postby Charsi Terras on September 23rd, 2015, 1:06 am

Early Fall, 515 AV
Kendoka Sasaran

The cacophony rebounded off the walls, echoing the sound of metal and grunting men around the complex. It smelled like sweat, blood and testosterone. As she entered, Charsi's clear green eyes scanned the room, observing each situation briefly before flitting to the next. Her eyes took in the types of weapons and each combatant as he used it. It did not take long before her eyes fell on the Akalak in front of her, a massive and well-defined warrior. His eyes were stern and his mouth a hard line, but he did not seem displeased. It was not every day that the Akalak saw an Isur woman in their ranks, but it did not seem to surprise him. After a moment of mutual observation, the Akalak spoke her to.

"Greetings, and welcome to the Kendoka Sasaran. What is it you are seeking here?"

His voice was deep and booming, and Charsi nearly flinched as it washed over her. She kept her composure, however. Years of standing in front of a hammer pounding an anvil had hardened her.

"I am looking for some martial training. I typically swing a hammer around all day, but I do not necessarily have to use one for defense."

The warrior nodded and looked around the room until his gaze came to rest on a rack of blunt weapon substitutes. On the rack sat all manners of maces, flails and hammers. There were light hammers, hand hammers, a warhammer. All manners of blunt weapons hung.

"But would you prefer to?" He waved his hand towards the rack, and she followed him to it. He held out an arm and motioned for her to try each one. As she reached out, her right hand pulled a wooden light hammer substitute off the wall. It felt normal in her hand, and she switched it to her left. Her Isurian arm. As dark violet fingers closed around the handle, she felt something stir inside her. She looked at the Akalak and nodded.

"This one." She held it out and gave it a light swing. The Akalak nodded and called over a trainer to spar with her. He held in his hands two wooden short swords. Without so much as a greeting, he dropped into a defensive stance. Charsi did the same, mirroring his movements.

"Fighting with two weapons is different from fighting with one. With the hammer, keep your knees and elbows bent. Be ready to dodge or block from both angles." With that, the warrior swept in, thrusting high with one sword while swinging low with another. She parried the thrust speeding towards her chest with the hammer, but the low sword caught her on the side of her left knee. She yelped and jumped back, twinging as she put weight on the hit leg.

"When using a solitary weapon, remember that not only is it a defense, but so is your mobility. Because you can't be in two places at once, you can just not be in the place they expect."

She nodded, and as he came in again, she sidestepped. He anticipated the movement and spun a whirlwind slash, one sword high and the other low. Rather than reverse the movement, she dove through the gap in the middle, coming through the swords unharmed. She was up and spun, slamming the hammer down from above. Just before the head met the warrior's skull, a short sword came up and caught the hammer just below the head. Charsi got a welt on her side for her troubles. She spat on the ground and leaped back. Sweat was already forming on her forehead.

"Good counter, but you have to remember that the opponent predicts as much as you do. Constantly improvising is a warrior's best strategy."

As soon as he finished, the warrior rushed in, sending his swords into a series of opposing slashes. High right, high left, low right, straight thrust. Charsi countered the first two with the hammer, dodging the third with a quick leap backwards. She leaped back as soon as her feet touched, and she spun around the thrust and swung the hammer at the warrior's back. He ducked, as if he sensed it, and kicked out backwards, connecting with her right knee. With a loud pop, she fell to the floor. Before she could react, there was a wooden tip pressed to her throat.

"How many weapons do I wield?" He waited for her to respond, but didn't offer her a hand up. She clutched her knee and seethed at him.

"You have two swords..."

He cut her off.

"Yes, but I have many more weapons. I have two legs with which to kick. Two elbows with which to smash. A head with which to smash. I am more than just two swords."

She nodded her understanding, still clutching her leg.

"Rest for now. Return tomorrow, if you are up to it." With that, he swept away to help other students. Charsi watched him go with gritted teeth. She stood and limped from the building.
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