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Postby Uona on November 6th, 2015, 4:27 pm

So, I'm kind of but not entirely new to this site. I stumbled across it several years ago, but at that time, I was too psychologically reliant on instant gratification to really be able to stick with a creative writing site, so I just ended up slipping away. Technically, I still am a bit to reliant on that instant gratification, but I'm mature enough to have recognized just how much that was going to screw up my life, so I recently cut off my access to the games and types of role-play that, while fun, were screwing up my life. However, I still greatly enjoy role-play, even if it isn't using Multiplayer games as the medium for it. Thus, I decided to return to this site which I was so enamored with before to have fun, but also to help start the process of rewiring my brain.

Like, I really have to say that this is probably the most in-depth and well designed role-play I have come across.

However, the reason I'm starting a new character instead of picking up one of the old characters I made for this site is because... Well, I've developed a great comprehension of how the psychology of different people and cultures work, as well as how it all falls apart, and I take pride in that ability. And in comparison to now... They don't come close to holding up the standards I hold myself too now.

But yeah, Now I have returned, intend to stay, and I'm happy to be back. I just need my mind to solidify a character concept, which is weird for me because this is actually kind of the first time I have had trouble with creating a character. But, I hopefully this won't take too long to straighten out.

In the places I used to RP, I was pretty well known for my capability of understanding and playing out characters that were quite broken, and those with 'deviant' psychology, whether it is something relatively 'normal,' like Antisocial Personality Disorder (meaning sociopaths. It is a lot more complex than many people know, and with far fewer psycho killers/successful business owners than people think), or while playing a race that doesn't think in the same most humans would. Although the few aspects that I do have laid out for my character here makes it look like Uona is going to be pretty normal, compared to some of the other characters I have played over the years.

However, now that I have that big blurb down, I guess I'll grab a few of those introduction question things to fill in as well.

So for name, Uona will probably do just fine, although Crystos or Fox also works.

Things I like/dislike to write about? Most everything, as long as it isn't stagnant. I love seeing how people develop, change, breaking someone down or building them up to new heights... Honestly, Zaahir put it best in his own introduction.

What initially made me fall in love with this site was the amount of detail put into everything. Complaints? Little grammatical errors here and there, various little things that aren't really important in the big scheme of things. There was one really big complaint that I had when I first came across this place several years ago, but I was happy to see upon my return that the one I remember has been taken care of. Namely the fact that the Inarta are basically unable to remember anything to do with with the god of fire, Ivak, but this wasn't actually written on the race page at the time, so I only discovered it much later. I can understand why it wasn't, due to the risk of Metagaming, but I felt that it was better to have it there than not. But, like I said, that was dealt with in my absence anyways XD

I hope to start Role-playing with you all soon!
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Postby Nivel on November 16th, 2015, 3:17 am

It looks like you got skipped on a welcome, Sorry about that. Glad to hear you gave Mizahar another chance. :)
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Postby Ferrin Al'Mandrikan on November 18th, 2015, 3:33 am


Glad that your here with us on Mizahar! If you have any questions about anything, I can do what I can. Also chat is really friendly too and whoever ends up online will do their best to try and help as well.

If you ever register in Syiliras PM me and we can maybe work something out. The PM box is always open. :)

And welcome!

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