Global Perk Point System - Suggestions/Comments

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Global Perk Point System - Suggestions/Comments

Postby Neologism on December 13th, 2015, 2:05 pm

I'd just like to add my two cents and a few questions.

Lhavit was one of those places that upped its rewards for more development, and that is why I said useless crap was being made. I had to shift through seven pages of criminals, charoda, magical spots in the city that servd no purpose, and random NPCs that literally were just there to be there. Things that simply don't belong in Lhavit. I understand the whole approval thing, it is simply that Lhavit was one of those uneven cities and it was a mess. Hence, I complained.

As for the new perk points system, I got a few questions. In the old system there would be points for simply threading, will that be a thing?

Also will the development be confined to open cities (with STs) and lore, excluding places like The Spire or Eyktol that have been dead for ever? Or would the development be allowed all over the site?

And will be still have tailored rewards for a certain number of points? If so, will that be created by whoever is in charge of PP or the player's ST?
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Global Perk Point System - Suggestions/Comments

Postby Gossamer on December 13th, 2015, 6:14 pm

I can't possibly track individual threading game wide like I did in Riverfall so that part of the system would definitely be gone.

Domain development would only go towards open Domains only unless there was a special circumstance like someone developing a city towards opening in a new season, etc. Frankly, some of our cities that are closed need some heavy development before opening, so if we get staff in place to do that but they want to hold off opening while they gut or fix a city, then I'm fine with that for a season. In that case the perk point system would be opened to that situation even though the domain was closed. If a domain closed suddenly due to a staff retirement, I'd definitely continue to award wip developments that were in good faith started while a domain was open.

The Charoda, much like the Zith, have been pushing for a city home base forever. It's sad but true. I know both races have targeted Lhavit with high hopes multiple times and it doesn't fit theme. I know Gillar has promised to return in Feb when he changes shifts and moves to days full force, so that means Zith will finally get a home base to play truly pure Zith plotlines sometime after that. The Charoda will not have a home anytime soon. But that doesn't mean they won't push cities to have places for them via development. We can only see how well that stuff fits on a case by case basis.

I think tailored rewards are fun. And as long as either myself, another founder, or someone with lots of HD experience runs it - meaning they do tailoring daily on all kinds of things - then it won't be a problem for game balance.

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