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Eldrid flexes her creative muscle in preparation for the Winter Blaze

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[WB Costume]A gown fit for a gallery

Postby Eldrid on January 2nd, 2016, 9:21 pm

9th winter 515 AV

Eldrid sat in the sanctum of her room in the Blue Gem with a new book from the library open before her. This one contained a fictional story about a princess who planned her own kidnapping in order to escape her overbearing parents. Personally, Eldrid thought her plan was a little much, and her love for her co-conspirator was quite clearly based on him being likely the first good looking male she had come across. There was no substance to the relationship, although apparently such a thing was not a problem for many people in Riverfall. All they required was someone willing to fornicate when needed and disappear otherwise. However, all of those problems aside, Eldrid had other plans for this story. There was a Winter Blaze ball taking place the next day, and she had discovered something strange about herself earlier that day. With this in mind she turned to the page she had selected back at the library and read aloud.
"The princess descended the curving flight of stairs, her - "
Eldrid paused and sighed. The strange form which had appeared before her was not as she had intended. Instead of the dress, a small princess descended a flight of stairs. Eldrid allowed the strange scene to vanish, a small sense of exhilaration taking route in the base of her stomach. While it had not been what she was looking for, it was still a wondrous thing to behold as the scenes from her imagination took form before her. She looked from the fading mist of the scene to the book once more and read, this time truncating the unnecessary pieces of the sentence.
"Her dress was an immaculate creation from the royal clothier. Its pale white silks were adorned with minute gemstone chips in elaborate and entrancing patterns along her bodice."
Eldrid smiled as the dress took form over the book, and once its colour and decoration had filled in as if some ethereal artist had drawn it right before her eyes, she reached out to grab it. Her hands closed around the most magnificently soft silk she had felt in ages. The gemstones were of the finest quality, as they would have to be compared to the dress. However, the dress was barely big enough to fit either a particularly large mouse or an exceedingly small howlwing or perhaps an average sized love bunny. Eldrid sighed in resignation and closed the book, putting the dress down on top of the cover shortly before the magnificent piece of tailoring vanished too.
"I guess I shall simply have to go with my secondary plan. . . "
She murmured to herself as she snatched up her coin purse and departed, leaving the book on her bed for later reading.

The young Akvatari spread her wings before taking off for the marketplace in the warrens. She followed her own pathways through the air above the city, cutting out the foot traffic around town. The beautifully iced city sprawled out below her almost appearing like an exceptionally detailed map. White fractals of frost blanketed the rooftops and awnings of the houses and all the plants around town wore fragile, thin jackets of hoar frost over their branches. Eldrid passed roof and foot-swept paths swiftly before she brought herself down at the entrance to the marketplace. Here the lethargic pace of pedestrians mutated into an all out bustling stream of traffic. Eldrid joined the slow moving river of bodies as she was hustled into the marketplace. Once inside she began perusing the wares, searching for what she needed for her elaborate plan. What she needed first was some paint pigments and binder, and nothing cheap either, for her plans she would need proper oils and the finest powders . . . Her coinpurse was aching even as she thought of it.
Oh, and I'll need some brushes, and a palette and . . . And I have a shopping problem . . . Eldrid concurred as she arrived outside a group of art supply stalls.

Thousands of jars of coloured powder, arranged in a hue similar to a rainbow, but with even more colours, lined the racks of the first stall. By inspecting each jar one could see some were not nearly as finely powdered as others, something a few artists made use of in Eldrid's experience. Rougher pigment could create the most amazing textures in a picture if used by the right artist, she knew of one or two Akvatari painters back home who might have used such pigments, and even thicker at times. However Eldrid was looking for exceptionally fine pigments, such as the jar of almost dust like white pigment she discovered. The paint had a smell similar to the ground bone one could frequently detect around butchers, it was neither pleasant nor completely foul, but for Eldrid, the overwhelming strength of the smell always made her retch. Perhaps it was some part of her mind which understood that the smell was of something that did not belong outside a body. Thankfully though, the powdered, bleached bone had a far less potent form of the smell, and a lot of that had faded over its shelf life. Along with the fine white pigment Eldrid found an equally fine, pigment the colour of the stall owner's skin. Both came to 2 Gold Mizas for a half gallon of each, which Eldrid paid without looking at her coinpurse in an effort to stem the guilt of spending. In the next stall Eldrid found smooth, clear oils for binding her pigments, as well as a translucent pigment created using finely ground gemstones to create a shimmering dust which sparkled slightly. After a further trip to another stall she finally had the brushes and the palette she needed. Thankfully the third stall keeper was quite knowledgable of her races artistic inclinations, and spared Eldrid any questions regarding her peculiar appearance.

Later, the Akvatari closed the door to her room with her arms laden with shopping, and her coin purse 16 Gold Mizas and 2 silver ones lighter. She draped the black, fur-trimmed, cotton dress she had purchased down on the floor as she pulled out her palette and pigments. The seamstress, whom had understood that Eldrid needed something for the Winter Blaze, could not understand why the Akvatari wanted something so bland other than the fur trim. The dress was made to hold the wearer's form gently, it was not loose, but it was not uncomfortably tight. The lower portion simply flowed into a plain dress bottom, devoid of ruffles or figure accentuating features. Eldrid had succeeded in find the plainest dress in existence, and buying it with fur-trim. But the Akvatari knew what she was doing, for every canvas had to start blank for an artist to have free reign. She mixed up a portion of her white pigment with the oil binder and began her painstakingly cautious, slow work.

On the black torso of the dress Eldrid's imagination created two parted, frost-covered, winter forests with the spires of trees reaching up to an immense, low hanging, full moon. Each tree was layered upon the one behind it with small spacings in the paint identifying each tree individually. Lower down, a group of buildings and houses formed a little village around the midriff of the dress. Each house separated from its neighbour by thin gaps in their paint which allowed the black dress to show through as had been done with the trees above. After the carefully outlined houses and trees had been touched up with downwards sloping clumps of branches and overhanging roofing where necessary, Eldrid mixed a little of the blue pigment into half the remainder of her white paint. With the white paint she began to paint a winding river flowing out of the moon. With each stroke of the brush, she mixed in more and more of the pale blue paint until all she used was the icy blue mixture. The winding river flowed out of the moon and between the trees and houses, growing gradually bluer and bluer until it culminated into one large ice blue lake below the houses. With a small amount of white paint Eldrid lightened the colour of the lake in certain shapes and places, imitating a reflection of the village around the lake. She mixed a small portion of white paint with the shimmering pigment she had found and used the minute detailing brush to create small flecks around the moon and forest which appeared either as stars or snow. Using the same sparkling white paint she gave the trees and houses a sparkling edge to their tops.

In the end, her winterscape had easily consumed several bells of her time, and by now the sun had set long ago, yielding the sky to the moon for its watch. Eldrid cleaned her hands and brushes meticulously to remove the slow drying oil. With exceptional care she maneuvered around the dress, leaving it where it lay to dry for fear of spoiling her wearable artwork. She collapsed on her bed exhausted before falling into her usual dream filled slumber.
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