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Benny Evander.

Postby Benny Evander on May 21st, 2016, 6:00 pm


Full Name: Bendra Belle Evander
Race: Mixed Blood (75% Human, 25% Inartan)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthday: 53, Fall, 495
Birthplace: Syliras

-Height: 6'1"
-Weight: 134 lbs
-Physique: Benny is gracefully tall, and rather thin. This physique fits well with her profession as a courier.
-Skin: An apricot shade, redder in some spots than others.
-Eyes: A froggy shade of green.
-Hair: Dark brown and mid-back length. Usually unkempt.

Character Concept
Benny is someone you could easily describe as "forgettable." In social situations, she isn't very loud, but she isn't abnormally quiet, either. She isn't the life of the party, but she isn't buzzkill either. She's rather average. In a world where people try their absolute hardest to stand out by being wacky and abnormal, Benny is average. She's polite most of the time, and tries her hardest not to easily fall into anger or sadness when such emotions present themselves in her mind. Although she's usually invited to parties and such, Benny usually doesn't know how to function in more private or personal settings, which is why throughout her life, she's had only maybe 2 or 3 intimate relationships with someone else. She's still not sure if Jeremy counts...

Character History

Her mother was a half Inartan, half human woman with a bad drinking problem. Her father was a fully human man who worked security detail at some far-off bar in Zeltiva. He had to throw her mother out after she'd passed out at the bar. Being the gentleman he was, her father escorted her to her apartment, where he gladly invited himself in and took advantage of the drunk woman.

She awoke the next morning hungover, 20 gold-rimmed mizas broker, and unaware of the child she was currently beginning to gestate.

Those 20 GM's were a large part of her rent, and also part of a loan she had to pay back to a man who provided her with extremely potent alcohol, so she had to pack her life into a suitcase and bum many a ride to where her twin sister stayed in Syliras.

She gave birth to fraternal twins 4 miles from the Syliras entrance. Bendra Belle Evander was born first. Her brother Benwen Beaux Evander was born 4 minutes after.

As a child living in Syliras, Benny had a rather uneventful life. Wake up everyday, do chores around the house, play outside, come back in, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. But the monotony was calming to Benny. She liked a schedule, and order. Benwen, not so much. He was always the one who liked a little more disorder, going against the grain, as boys usually did. When they came of age and moved from their mother's apartment, Benny stayed in the city, getting an apartment right down the hall from her mother. Benwen took the money he had to his name and found himself moving all the way to Riverfall to pursue a woman.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: None
Poor Language: Navi (As poorly taught to her by her mother)


Skill EXP Proficiency
Running 25 Novice
Organization 25 Novice
Food Preservation 10 (RB) Novice


Lore of Syliran Geography
Lore of Syliran Culture


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas


An iridescent seashell from the shores of Zeltiva.


Location: Syliras.


A 20 x 20 apartment within the Citadel.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

Thread List

To be filled in...
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Character sheet

Benny Evander.

Postby Astator on May 21st, 2016, 9:31 pm

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  • Your age is not correct, as Fall 516 has not yet passed you would be 20 still. Please fix.
  • How did you learn Navi?
  • What is found in your apartment the image along does not suffice.
  • Added: Sorry I missed this last time, please link your CS to your profile as wel.
Once you have completed what I have asked, please private message me via the little envelope to the left underneath my name and letting me know.

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