Solo Covering Bases, Gaining Ground

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Covering Bases, Gaining Ground

Postby Chase Hunter on June 10th, 2016, 5:01 am

Summer 8th, 516

Chase rose wearily. Sleep was not a comfortable thing in this place. Stinky, noisy, damp. The house wasn't pleasant either. If someone was going to drop him off here, the least they could do is make it a comfortable house.

Those were his thoughts during his second and third day. By day four, he knew better. The entire town was filthy, disgusting, and broken. The first week was spent literally in just extracting information, something that while he usually took enjoyment out of, usually through causing pain, was quite a different experience this time. He had to not just beat the information out of people. He tried that with a few, and the result was not pretty. A large man in black beating you, and then asking normally stupid questions like "What city is this?", did not lend to having a good day. Not to mention the fact that everyone around here acted like they were being hunted already. Everyone seemed prepared, ready for the imminent attack from someone else. Someone normally like him. But instead, the entire city was.

The place was Sunberth. A trashed up mining town where anyone did anything. Or at least that was the rule. He slept in an area called Sunset Quarters. No one knew how he got there. No one knew who put him there, no one knew why he was there, and no one particularly wanted him there. Especially considering his temper. He was angry, always. He felt like he still knew nothing, no matter what all he got people to tell him. Maybe it was the lack of answers. Maybe it was something else. He didn't know. For all he knew, maybe it was the fact that his hair was turning different colors and he didn't even know why that was happening.

He stopped for a minute and tried to breath. This happened every time. He'd think about the things he didn't know, or had lost, and he could lose blocks of time. Frustrated already by the thought of that, he rose from his bed, and got his clothes on, slipping them over his thin black fur, thicker at his elbows and knees. The threw his boots on, and checked on his possessions. The number one thing he'd learned was to protect everything. After having woken to the first thief on his second night, he learned two things. One, information travels fast about new people. Two, if you can scare the weak ones, stronger ones would come. So he set about to do what he could to protect his things. Mainly by keeping it on himself.

He left his place, and went for his first destination. He needed to learn how to fight around this town better. He was used to hunting things. And, if he was honest, promptly eating them. So usually smaller things. It was such a mess taking down anything much larger then a dog, just to go through more of the animal to get to the things he wants.

He went through the streets, keeping to the side, making quick distance. He walked into the Proving Grounds.

He entered into the Proving Grounds. And there, he was going to make a decision. Hopefully it was one that wouldn’t end up with him killed. Either way, he was going for it. He went straight for the older sister, Itzel. They were setting up for something, probably the early group session from what he understood of their business. Either way, he wanted several things.

”Itzel. I am here to buy your individual services. And then, I want to join the Dragoons.” Chase hoped being direct would make things go faster. That, and the gold. Gold makes everyone’s eyes spin.

Itzel, on the other hand, dismissed the encounter offhandedly, though one thing did pique her curiosity.

“Weapon?” She said, not even bothering to turn around from the post that she was securing.

“Spiked Gauntlet.” Chase held up the gloves, wearing them near always. They had an edge woven into the back of them, designed for pure humiliation. Not much for a fight, but the retractable spikes were much more for it.

“Might as well as be using your bare hands. Useless.” Itzel said in disgust before moving on to her next post.

“It has… significance… to me."
Chase said, unsure of how to put his feelings for this gift. This was part of his history that he could remember. A gift from his father. His weak, pathetic, human father. Given to him specifically because of what his father was, because of what that made Chase. So it was what he used, for fighting, for business, for life. A snort from her distracted him from his thoughts.

“Worse. Means if anything happens to it, you’ll be in some state unwilling and unable to use anything else. If you could even fix or replace them if they broke. Useless, useless, useless for anyone, anything, and especially the Dragoons. Go find yourself a real weapon. Or if you don’t have one, go beg my sister for help. She’s a softie for people with no use.”

Chase was disgruntled by this response. Not what he wanted. He had been planning, and wanting to do both. To do everything. He needed this. So he turned on his foot, and went to the building. Find a weapon hmm? Seemed like a quick order. He reached into his pocket as he walked to the building, yanking out 5 silver coins, and throwing them on a bench, before grabbing a practice short sword off of the rack and coming back to her.

“You consider this a real enough weapon for what you do here right? Should be enough on the bench for it.” Chase said, perturbed, grabbing out a small bag of what he had already planned, 7 gold mizas, and threw it at her feet as she turned.

“When does class start?”
He really didn’t come for a no. He came for what he wanted, and its what he wanted.

His arm felt numb afterword. It really wasn’t used to this. The best he had with the bloody thing was bringing it down like a hammer, what he did when he came up on small prey. And thankfully most people were shorter than him so he could still do it. But it never quite worked out the way he wanted it to. It would take a long time for him to get used to this stupid “real” weapon. He missed hunting. He missed doing what he was used to… he did at least know enough about his history to know what he was used to. Unless he had picked up a new hobby recently. Then he might not remember his hobbies. Either way, he was tired, and sweating. Not much to be done about it though.

He turned as he felt a presence at his side. He turned to see Eleuia standing there, arms crossed. He almost sighed in disgust, but he did want to be able to work with her. He figured he would just wait till she said something. He was glad that he didn’t have to wait long.

“So. She says you wanted to fight with some pretty boy gloves. Let me see.” Chase almost dropped from exasperation. Or maybe that was exhaustion. Either way, he thought it was pretty weird that now of all times someone wants to see them. He dropped his practice sword on the floor, and pulled the gauntlets out of his belt, and handed them up to her while still leaning forward, hoping the feeling would pass. She examined them, before handing them back to him.

“She’s right. But, it’s close enough. You want to learn how to fight with those, I’ll teach you. For a fee. You’re not a Dragooneer until you finish with her. I’m not going to go around that. But, I’ll make sure you’re ready, if just to spite her just a little. It would be 13 gold mizas, you and me.” Chase scoffed openly.

“Your rate is 10. Stick to that and we will be okay.” Chase really wanted to try and force her for a lower price, just for trying to overcharge him, but he wanted these classes. It was the only way to get better, fast. Besides, he liked his gloves.

“Can’t blame a girl for trying. See you tomorrow morning. And bring the money.” Chase scoffed again lightly, and threw his second, dedicated coin bag to her.

“See you tomorrow.”
That was all he needed to say, before grabbing his sword and walking on out. He had what he wanted, for now anyway. Give it some time, and he might just get to a point where someone can help him.
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Covering Bases, Gaining Ground

Postby Chase Hunter on June 12th, 2016, 4:56 am

Chase left his new sword at the Proving Grounds. Thankfully the cost was a one-time thing, and they let their students just take one off the rack, or take it home for practice. It was a well running practice.

However, Chase felt the emptiness from his pocket. They did run a good business, which is why they cost quite a bit. Sunberth was like that. Good things cost a lot. Quality wasn’t a priority for Sunberth, unless you wanted it. If you did, you paid, and sometimes not just in money.

Chase enjoyed the life of this town. Things happened based on what you wanted. That is how he wanted to live. However, money was necessary among these people. Eventually, he wanted to get back to doing what he did well. Hunting. Killing. Something. This human play was starting to irk him. Necessary, but he wanted to get back to his old habits. Well, the ones he remembered. Hunting. Killing. Something.

Chase shook his head violently. He was sick of this. He started off running out of the house. He needed to get away from it.

He needed something to get off his mind. Work would have to do it well enough. From his exploration of the city, there was one place that could do it for him. Known as “The Establishment”, it was a center for employers and mercenaries, and one man running off at the mouth all the time. Chase didn’t care much for the crier.

He took off down the street, slowing to a walk now, the anger of the repetition coming again dissipating. He walked briskly down the street, avoiding the other passerbys with a wide enough berth as expected in Sunberth. More than one street mugging occurred on a given day, and it was a dangerous encounter, even if he managed to deal with it. The gangs were down, which is part of why he went now to enter one, instead of waiting until he knew more. They needed men, and he counted as one.

The standard procedure, as far as he could tell, was for the employers to split up to their own corners, and the mercenaries to approach the ones who worked as middle mans, weeding out the mercenaries before sending them to the representatives of the employers for confirmation. He went to the one working usually with the Sun’s Birth, but also numerous smaller gangs and some merchants. Either way, he was the one Chase had hunted for. Now it was time to catch a job.

Chase approached him, and fell next to another man, human. He seemed to have mismatched pieces of armor, a sword strapped to his side. Normally he’d be considered a slob of a mercenary, but around these parts, Chase could tell he was actually doing fairly well. He had enough pieces to make almost a full set. That meant he had paid quite a bit of money, piece by piece scrounged about in this cruddy town. Chase wasn’t at a point able to deal with that. Besides, he didn’t want it. He had the problems of the zith, lean, almost fragile. The entire point of hunting was to pounce on the prey, and kill it quickly. Chase waited till the mercenary was dismissed, then let the man turn to him.

“You have nothing? Not a lot of jobs for unarmed people.” The middle man said to Chase, glancing at him with one eye briefly, before looking down at his papers, shuffling them briefly. A sound of metal pushing past metal from Chase’s hands brought his eyes up. Chase had pushed the retractable spikes out on the gauntlets.

“I have some skill with them.” Chase said. The man shrugged his shoulders, and shuffled papers again. Then he pulled one out, read the details, eyeballed Chase again, and then handed it to Chase.

“Merchant. Guard detail, merchant trade off. Mostly for show, but he’s paying. Over there is one of his managers. Talk to him for approval. If he does, he’ll sign it. Otherwise, bring the paper back. If you don’t, you won’t have work here ever. Now go.” The man brushed him off with a wave of his hand.

Chase grunted in acknowledgement, and took the paper to the man pointed out. The man was dressed up, at least in regards for Sunberth. He wouldn’t do well in a more refined market, but there wasn’t much call for that to happen. Chase made his way to the manager, who promptly snatched the paper from Chases hand, looked at Chase, and simply nodded.

“You’ll play the part well. Meet us at The Storages Houses, tonight, tell the guards the name here, and they’ll direct you. They know new hires for this job were coming.” The employer tapped the top of the page, indicating the name he was to use. Chase nodded simply, then pocketed the paper and moved on. His hunt was done. For now.

Night rolled around as it normally did. Chase was happy about the timing for this. Night was a fantastic time. Chase could see things more than anyone else, hear things. This was the time he could hunt. This was the time he would hunt. But for now, he had a job.
Chase got out of his door, and made his way down to the Storage Houses. The guards at the front were part of the companies own hires, specifically for the entrance. They ran people coming in and out, and registered the new purchasers. Essentially doubled up people as guards & clerks. However, they provided to Chase just a step in the next hunt. He approached them, saying the name given before they got alarmed enough to try and stab him. They nodded, and pointed in a general direction for him to go.

Chase was almost disgusted. He was hunting. He hated city hunting. People hunting. Job hunting. He didn’t know exactly what to call it, but he hated it. Working with people. Unfortunately, this town was all about working either with people, or against them. So that’s what he was doing.

He went down the pathway to the indicated, general area. Very General. But he found the same manager, along with someone dressed up more than usual for Sunberth. A flowing robe, accessories, many colors. Chase assumed this was the merchant himself. According to the job, all he had to do was stand next to him, and look the same as he normally did. Or so it was described in the paper. That’s all he could figure out anyway.

“Good. Our last one. Stand in a half circle behind him. If anything does go south, fight. To the death. But, it shouldn’t. So enjoy this.” The manager filled everyone in, and dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

“Good job Simon. This should do well. Impressive bunch. Here we go.” The merchant waved nonchalantly in the general direction he was planning on moving, after eyeballing Chase and the 3 other men. Chase was by far the tallest, though the leanest. Either way, he was there for the job. He fell in line as the far right man, since he was the last. They maneuvered down the storage units, and turned. After a few more minutes, they came to another section of the storage units.

In front of them was a man similarly attired as the merchant they were accompanying, though in distinctly different colors. He was flanked by 4 guards as well, in the same positioning as his own group. Chase almost remarked it seemed to be a style, but he decided against it. He was hunting the money for this job, and he needed it. So he stood and watched.

“Supply?” His merchant asked simply.

“Here.” The merchant opposite replied, swishing his cloak out from behind him to indicate a small wooden crate sitting there, before speaking again.

“The money?”

The merchant Chase was next to promptly pulled a bag out of his waistband, quite heavy seemingly, and held it up for the other merchant to see.

“All of it.” He then promptly half-slammed it into Chase’s chest. The other merchant directed one of his guards to grab the crate. Together they both promptly said to their respective guards,

“Take it over.” Both Chase and his counterpart were quite surprised by this, but followed through anyway, Chase taking the bag to the merchant on the other side, his counterpart doing the same with the crate. They promptly handed them directly to the merchant, and turned about coming back to their employers. Once in position, the merchants turned around promptly, forcing their guards to disorganize briefly to allow their employer to pass through, and then shuffling back into their proper positions, and walking out.

Chase was quite happy, walking then out of the Storage House with his pay. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to start acquiring funds again. That was what he needed. With his night mostly through, he returned to his tent. Sleeping at night was difficult at times, but he did it when he could, in order to be able to examine things in the daylight. Sleep was necessary for a new hunt.
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Covering Bases, Gaining Ground

Postby Hwyn on August 2nd, 2016, 11:55 pm


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This thread is to short to be considered a job thread as job threads minimum requirement is 5 posts that total to a minimum of 2500 words. Otherwise good thread it's showing a development of a confused if savage personality.


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