Closed Cleansing the Mind, Soul, and Body.

Riluc works out and remembers.

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Cleansing the Mind, Soul, and Body.

Postby Riluc Lorrani on July 26th, 2016, 5:31 am


Riluc Lorrani

Riluc walked out of Backer's Butchers shop after having delivered the days kills. The wilder lookes up and saw that the day was late. The sun was low in the horizon. Given that it was summer Riluc wasn't worried about darkness descending any minute, he still had plutenty of time for a little dinner and a work out vefore the sun set. Riluc walked purposfully towards one of the more run down neighborhoods were he knew there were some ruined buldings.

Riluc had learnes something during his time in Mura ans one of those things was how to take care of his body. One od the most impoetant things was of course to at well, but the other was to exercises and to do so often. So he had made a habit of it. Riluc liked running and did it when ever he had the chance but running through the streets of Sunberth without a reasons was extremly dangerous. You didn't what to draw certian attention. It was true that Riluca attire did draw attention, but it also warned thwm he was willing to fight.

So the wilder took his time and eventually he came to the ruined house he like to use to work out. It was by no place his alone, others used it and Rilux stayed out of there way. He need the place mostly for space as his tent didn't have enough. Instead of going through the front door Riluc walked around the side and jumped for the edge of the roof. It was a one floor old house and so Riluc was able to grav hild of the over hanging roof. He just hung there for a moment before he started to pull himself up. He did this for a couple reasosons. The first being that pull ups worked so much of your body, and were hard to so. The pratical side was that from the holea in te roof he could determine who if anyone was in tere without distrubing them. The last reason was because Riluc thought it was fun to enter the house via the roof.

Riluc looked up and didn't see anyone before he lowered himself back down, so that he was once again hanging by his arms. Once more he came up feelung his shoulds, back, arms and chest protest agains the activity. Rilux glanced over to the next section. Before it had been the front part of the build and now te back part. He did eight more pushups before completely hauling himself up to the roof. Feeling still adventures Riluc instead of hopping down, stood up and walked along the edge of the roof. There were holes in the roof that made it dangerous to walk the edge not to mention that the roof was old and could give out. Riluc came upon a hole larged enough for him to get go through. He grabbed the edge of the roof and then slowlly lowered himself down before doing some more pull ups while cling to the roofs edged.

As he worked he thought back to his time in Mura. It was there that he really began to understand the importance of health and taking care of his body. He also learned how to improve your body. Spending so much time in the wilds he understood the importance of being strong and staying strong. Riluc finished his pull ups and lowered himself down to the ground. He moved on to a series of push ups. His own faith in Caiyha had also encouraged him to work on developing his body. She taught about balance and he knew that he had to take care of himself as well as the wilds. He smiled as he contiuned his work out.

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