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Joanna Arbor

Postby Joanna Arbor on August 4th, 2016, 10:25 pm

Joanna Arbor

Basic Stats

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23 years old
Birthday: 50th of Spring, 493 AV
Birthplace: Ravok, Sylira Region
Location: Ravok, Sylira Region
Occupation: Ebonstryfe Apprentice
Living Expenses: Common


One might wonder how a woman such as Joanna ended up among the ranks of the Ebonstryfe. Though her features are slightly masculine, with a strong jaw and nose, the Ravokian’s otherwise fierce beauty rivals that of any lady of the Lark family. Joanna could have made it on looks alone; marrying well and living the rest of her life pampered by a house full of slaves. There were many suitors through her years before the Stryfe, but few of them saw past the long raven curls, honey colored eyes, full lips, and a feminine figure wrapped in skin the color of milk. She enjoyed toying with them while it lasted, but there was never any intent beyond sex driving her actions.

Now when the men - and woman - look at her it is harder to see anything but the soldier that she is being carved into. The luscious figure is still there, hidden under steel and leather, though far more muscular than before. Her once smooth skin now bears the marks of combat, and while she is still a woman of considerable beauty, is no longer without her physical flaws. Most apparent is the small crooked scar beneath her right eye. Joanna’s inky curls have also long been cut away, leaving her with a shorter and far more practical style, though not so much as to be terribly unfeminine. To help offset the length, she wears a carefully braided circlet of hair around her crown.

For a woman she stands slightly taller than average at 5'10", aided by a proud posture, and in her opinion, arguable superior genetics. This only enhances both her beauty and ferocious demeanor. Often looking quite sullen or serious, her brow seems permanently furrowed in thought, and lips indefinitely twisted in a frown.

Character Concept

(+) As any member of the Ebonstryfe or Black Sun should be, Joanna is motived and guided by an unquestionable loyalty to her God. She carries with her a deep sense of pride for her city and its people that drives her to constantly be better than she was before. She expects these same qualities from those around her and scorns all that fall short. Part of her devotion stems from the belief that Rhysol is deserving of a position of power over all of Mizahar, because of the care and protection he provides to Ravok. Though a cruel God, in her eyes he is just; a firm ruler that expects the most of his people because he provides the entire foundation for their livelihoods.

(-) Joanna is also an extremely ruthless woman, both in her personal life and as a servant of the Lord. She has little tolerance for anything less than what she considers perfection, and although not unecessarily cruel, can be just that if pushed. She will do whatever is expected from her superiors and no less.

(+) Though capable of frightening acts in the name of Rhysol, Jo can just as easily be the very definition of mercy and diplomacy. Unless otherwise instructed, the best outcome is always to guide lost souls into the arms of the Dark God, like lambs to the shepherd, and she adheres to those ideas as religiously as any other. To compliment this strategy she can be quite kind, and this isn't altogether a false quality, especially in regards to her own people.

Character History

As a third generation Ravokian, Joanna was raised to praise no heavenly being other than Rhysol. From birth she was groomed to follow his word and love him as both Provider and Father, for they owed everything they had to the Dark God. She lived a privileged life under his protection, never wanting or needing, for what was deserved was given. Taking the most after her grandfather Johanson, Joanna, named after the old Paladin, showed an aptitude for the sword at a young age. Though her parents hoped she might take over their furniture shop, it was ultimately their Patriarch's decision that sent her into the arms of the Ebonstryfe at fifteen.

Her father had once made his own attempt at a military career but dropped his training after only a few short months, quickly realizing he was not fit for combat. Though her parents serve Rhysol in a much tamer fashion, Joanna seemed to inherit all of her grandfather's zeal and talent. If her parents had allowed it she would have joined the other Initiates when she was twelve, but their fear for her safety, although they meant well, postponed her servitude for a few extra years.

It was her grandfather that carefully prepared her for the trials she would face. He never failed to show the immense pride she brought him, and on several occasions had cursed the fact that her father had failed him so miserably. The strained relationship between the two men was another difficulty to overcome on the path toward her Apprenticeship, but Rhysol always gets what he wants, and he wanted her.

Starting at a later age proved discouraging through her first year of training as she watched those several years her junior excel and rival her own abilities. Though as Joanna fell into the routine and began to show progress herself, her confidence returned with a renewed energy and desire to outshine all her peers. The Initiate's second year was rewarded with a considerable leap in skill that left those younger in her shadow, now themselves struggling to catch up.

During the last year of her trial news came on raven's wing of the death her grandfather and the circumstances of his demise at the hands of the Syliras Knights. While devastating, his loss only fueled her devotion and determination to serve their God. Driven by the newfound duty of not only honoring his years of service but avenging his death, Joanna finished her training with high marks and was warmly welcomed into the ranks of the Ebonstryfe.

High hopes and expectations now rest on the young woman's shoulders, and there have been whispers that she will surpass her late grandfather in the years to come.


Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
Weapon: Bastard Sword 20/100 Novice 20 SP
Unarmed Combat 20/100 Novice 20 SP

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
# # # #

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
# # # #

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
Seduction 15/100 Novice 15 RB

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
Larceny 5/100 Novice 5 SP

Skill Name Skill Points Skill Level Info
Hypnotism 5/100 Novice 5 SP

Fluent: Common
-Her primary and only language, spoken every day.


Religion: Rhysol
History of the Ebonstryfe


-Fine wool shirt, undyed
-Fine wool pants, black
-Linen undergarments, undyed
-Fine wool cloak, burgundy
-Tall leather boots, black
-Leather belt, black, steel buckle
-Leather gloves, black

Traveling Clothes
-Linen shirt, undyed
-Linen pants, black
-Rough wool cloak, gray

-Wooden comb and brush
-Toothpaste, 12 oz
-Bar of soap

-Ravok citizenship papers

-Preserved rations, 7 days
-Flint and steel

-Steel dagger
-Black scabbard, dagger

Her family's bastard sword, Knightfall. Passed from grandfather to grandaughter, this blade has been the tool of an Ebonstryfe since it's requisition from the forge. It earned its name through the slaying of a Stewart Knight, though her grandfather never returned from that mission himself. In his will he had instructed the weapon to go to Joanna, and upon his death the sword fell in her care.


Location: Joanna resides within the barracks of the the Vitrax but spends the majority of her time about the city.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting funds +100 GM 100 GM
Wool shirt, fine -3 SM 99.7 GM
Wool pants, fine -2.4 GM 97.3 GM
Wool cloak, fine -2.5 GM 94.8 GM
Leather belt, simple buckle -4 GM 90.8 GM
Leather gloves, pair -1 GM 89.8 GM
Toothbrush -3 GM 86.8 GM
Toothpaste, 12 oz -3 GM 83.8 GM
Dagger -2 GM 81.8 GM
Scabbard, dagger -2 GM 79.8 GM

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