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Nassirah (wip)

Postby Nassirah on September 4th, 2016, 5:08 am


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Saahirah Aconitum grew up in Kalinor. Descending from a long line of aerial dancers Saahirah grew up in a world of silk and dance. From the time she could walk she was taught this proud art form. Her parents forced her to dedicate each waking moment to the art and with in time Saahirah became well known throughout that cavernous city. Yet Saahirah was not content with being at home amongst her own kind, she had an adventurous side and longed to see what laid outside of Kalinor. When she was sixteen she left, this was a stupid thing and Saahirah had very little way of surviving yet luck or fate had a role to play. In her wanderings she joined up with a ragtag group of performers. Perfoming was just a front for the group. The troupe actually was a group of Assassins that was lead by a cruel man named Eirik.

Saahirah was young and naive and easily manipulated by Eirik, she fell for this man who was strong and handsome, and who struck such a lethal image when equipped with swords. A year after her joining Saahirah gave birth to a half breed. Making it official that she could never go back home. Her people would never accept Nassirah and the world was a cruel place.

Growing up was very hard work for Nassirah. Saahirah passed her teachings onto her daughter making her practice every day, by the age of eight Nassirah would be performing with her mother. At that time, her father also dragged her into the other family business. As Nassirah grew so did the troupe, it was no longer a ragtag group of assassins that pretend to be performers, or performers that pretend to be assassins. Eirik leased a building in Syliras and it became the main station of the group.

Eirik was a cold and often cruel man to his daughter and to his wife. Saahirah was blinded by her blind devotion and love. Nassirah was taught to obey and not question her father, yet she hated the man. When she was sixteen Saahirah fell from the silks during a practice, a net was not there. Nassirah believed the net not being there and her mother’s death was to do the drunken negligence of her father and so a few months later she took her revenge. Having nowhere else to go and no other family she stayed with the troupe.

Nassirah having nowhere else to go, took up the position as leader of the group and helped it to expand into a circle of assassins, stationed throughout Sylira. Although able to relax and not need to perform or take on cases herself, Nassirah still does. She currently stationed in Sunberth in a dark dingey of a building performing as the Obsidian Aconitum, as a front for her real task. There is a hit and she has set her web.




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