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Rakii Halcyon

Postby Rakii Halcyon on January 18th, 2017, 1:55 pm


This character sheet is under construction!

Okay, so this is kind of where I plan to put current relevant things about Raki at. For instance, if he is currently active in a thread, I may list them here. Also, possible future plans or summaries of things he has just done or will do.

Most notably, right now, I'm back to writing up this character after a few weeks of getting hammered repeatedly by life (school + job + job#2 + almost divorce + being a father and stuff). I'm glad to state that I'm reducing my workload down to one job and will be doing much better with it than I was with two jobs. Also, one of my classes I'm taking right now is Writing Strategies for Criminal Justice, and the 100% I have as a grade is putting me in a mood to write here.

SO! I am working on filling in some of the tabs here. I need to find out what my starting lores are going to be. I have to decide whether I want 15 hypnotism and 10 medicine, or 15 medicine and 10 hypnotism. I'm leaning towards 15 medicine. Also, I'm considering making a pair of copper rimmed glasses to mimic what would be found in Mizahar. I fear my Raybands wouldn't quite fit the description.

Rakii Halcyon is fairly standard as far as humans are concerned. Slightly on the tall side for Mizahar, he stands at five feet and eleven inches. He has a face that has a fifty-fifty shot at impressing a lady, or a flamboyant man. Adorned with dark brown hair that's medium length on the top and cleanly cut on the sides and back, he can be seen with it combed back as often as it is wildly arrayed in impossible directions. His body is healthy but lacking any discernible muscle tone, as he doesn't really work out.

To compliment his profession and dream of being a medic, he sticks to wearing ramie clothing for its properties of mold and bacteria resistance. The natural white coloring of the linen is also aesthetically pleasing to him, preferring whites, grays, and browns over anything flashy. When not at work, Rakii dons a leather doublet and/or green cloak pending on the weather conditions.
Rakii is quite singularly focused on one thing: the well being of all. He will stop at nothing to help heal those that are injured; often uncaring to what detriment the act may be. When Rakii isn't busy treating others, his devotion goes out to his patron, Rak'keli.

Beyond his aspirations, Rakii seems a bit aloof. A life of traveling within a city that seems to travel around you has lessened his cares about the going ons around him. Not much comes as a surprise to him, nor does he pay attention to much that doesn't interest him. As a means of keeping up his sanity in the city of illusions, as well as a way of mentally practicing his talent of hypnotism, Rakii is often lost in his own mind, unless pulled away by reality. It's almost as if he is in a trance-like state most of the time. Maybe his magic has got a firmer grasp on his mind than his mind on the magic.

Raki was born and raised in Alvadas. Content to be added later.

Skill Info
This is where the more technical break down of skills obtained will be, as well as any skill Raki gains that is not in the list above.

Rakii owns a house in Alvadas! It is just a simple 20x20 single room cottage that's included in the starting package; however, it's HIS 20x20 single room cottage and nobody can take it from him. Well; except maybe thugs, or the law, or a diety, or monsters, or rabid children with infectious diseases that Rakii can't yet cure. Okay, so there are a large number of things that can take Rakii's house from him, but for now it's his and the below list are items that are inside that house.

Eating Knife
Small Table

Okay, Rakii doesn't own much yet. But there's plenty more on the way.
Starting Package
+100gm 0sm 0cm 100gm 0sm 0cm
Ramie Undergarments
-0gm 8sm 8cm 99gm 1sm 2cm
Ramie Tunic
-2gm 6sm 3cm 96gm 4sm 9cm
Ramie Trousers
-2gm 8sm 0cm 93gm 6sm 9cm
Leather Doublet
-0gm 6sm 0cm 93gm 0sm 9cm
Fine Wool Cloak
-1gm 5sm 0cm 91gm 5sm 9cm
Leather Belt
-0gm 4sm 0cm 91gm 1sm 9cm
Leather High Boots
-1gm 0sm 0cm 90gm 1sm 9cm
Holy Symbol, Silver (Rak'keli)
-25gm 0sm 0cm 65gm 1sm 9cm
Field Healer's Kit
-55gm 0sm 0cm 10gm 1sm 9cm
Dice Set, Silver
-4gm 0sm 0cm 6gm 1sm 9cm
Belt Pouch
-3gm 0sm 0cm 3gm 1sm 9cm
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