A Note on Player/ST Communication

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A Note on Player/ST Communication

Postby Prophet on February 5th, 2017, 4:30 pm

Sometimes when I sit down to write I come across a post in the forum or a piece of life and it causes me to switch gears. Now is one of those times. I’d like to broach a subject that might seem obvious but something this important is worth repeating.

Talk with your Storyteller!

Many of our fine writers have no issues making plots on their own. In fact, I have noticed a high percentage of players are so organized in their character agendas that the associated plotnotes span on for several seasons –even years! The point of my article is not to say that people are doing it wrong or that they are missing the point. It’s not. My objective is to help everyone understand something that I see so often overlooked.

Interconnectivity is defined as the state or quality of being connected together or the potential to connect in an easy and effective way. I’ve heard many times that players would like to see their domain feel more connected or have plots that tie characters to the city. I can tell you that your staff tries to do this as often as possible. It’s why we spend so much time and take pride in the seasonal calendars and registries. Very rarely (if ever) is anything on an event calendar placed without careful thought and consideration. While this is a constant stance which is made by the storytellers, our creativity has limits. We must consider a variety of aspects when putting these things together. Having made several, I can say that sometimes I feel like a genius. There are other times when no one uses the events and I feel like a goof.

Solutions? Anyone? Ooo! You in the back!

Why not ask the players?

Yeah. We do that. I’ve done it –so have others. There have been multiple endeavors that domain STs have undertaken in an effort to incorporate the individual plot designs into the ongoing development and histories of our cities. There’s a major problem with that approach, though…it’s not efficient. So I’ve decided to be pro-active about involving players but in a different way.


^ See the sign? Ace of Base saw it and it opened up their eyes.

When you move into a city, when you come up with a definitive direction for your PC, when you decide to teach your character something new, when the moon waxes and wanes in the right direction –talk to your ST! I’m not saying that every little thing you do can be incorporated into seasonal events. However, it just makes sense that if you keep the staff apprised of what you want out of your experience on Mizahar that we will be able to more accurately meet those expectations. Again, I’m not saying that your every whim and fancy will fit in with the direction of the city. If I know what you want to write about, I may know of another player who has the same goals and can connect the dots for you.

As an adult, a husband and a father I have learned the importance of good communication and the positive things that it can create. I want the players to know that your staff isn’t just here to solve problems and answer questions (though we certainly can handle those things). We want to nurture your creativity. Everyone on Mizahar has a hand in writing the story of the world so help us to help you.

*insert shiny grin that ends with a ting*

That is all.

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